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Trip Galleries
07-30-2018 74 Cimarron Heritage Center Bosie City, Oklahoma
10-04-2015 148 2015
Grand Canyon
And California
Our trip to National Parks in Arizona and California
New photos of Yosemite Valley
10-09-2014 148 2014
Our trip to the desert southwest and many National Parks
09-23-2013 165 2013
A vacation to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Includes some shots from a trip up Pikes Peak and Beartooth Pass Wyoming-Montana as we left Yellowstone
10-09-2016 146 2008
Yellowstone Trip
Our vacation to Yellowstone and the west
10-09-2016 165 2007
Ameri-Camp Factory Tour
Short trip by my sister and I taking our trailer to the manufactureer in Indiana to have service work done. This is our factory tour.
04-14-2016 44 White House A private tour of the White House grounds and some ares not normally seen by the public.
01-30-2015 138 Fort Valley
Horse Rides
My adventures on horseback in the early 2000's
House & Trailer Galleires

Apr 2, 2019
154 New Trailer Trailer is finished and finally got everything sorted and stored away.
04-01-2018 38 House Sale Photos Photos professionally shot for the sale of our house on Lariat Drive. These were obtained from various real estate websites.
09-24-2016 11 Dungeon Playroom Early photos of the dungeon. Updates after construciton is complete around May 25 or so.
10-12-2012 138 Our Home Where we live in Castle Rock, Colorado
07-177-2017 154 House Construction Pics Photos of the unfinished house walls to show where all the wireing goes. Shot by Steve Sterling around 1996 or 1997
03-06-2017 142 All our Trailers Photos of all the trailers we have owned
09-07-2016 14 New Trailer We bought a new trailer. Picked it up on May 13, 2016.
10-07-2016 300 Webcam Favorites Favorite webcam images over the years since I started webcaming
01-04-2015 53 Cowboy
Photos of Cowboy Frank himself. Horse riding, Fireman and Cowboy gear. New rodeo competition pictures.
12-22-2016 38 Water Filter Replacment We changed out our water softner system Febuary 26, 2012
Special Galleries
09-24-2016 55 2002 Mr
DC Eagle
Photos I shot at the 2002 Mr. DC Eagle contest, November 24, 2001
09-24-2016 175 Stud Collection Gallery of random guys from my personal archive. Only about 6 of these images have ever appeared on the Internet before.
11-29-2013 96 Fire
Scanned slides of my time as a Volunteer Firefighter from 1978-1980. If you are into firemen in black rubber hip boots then this gallery is for you.
  54 Web
A gallery of dudes who have visited my web site. No longer being added to.
306 Wallpapers The weekly walpapers gallery was a real bear to build so for now I've decided to discontinue new ones but all the old ones are available
01-12-2015 15 Reston
Cable TV
Behind the scenes at Warner TV Chanel 8 in Reston Va. about 1978.
Telephone Galleires
12-22-2016 56 Abilene Show My first telephone show in Abilene, Kansas. The first 7 photos show my oversized display. April 21, 2012
12-22-2016 48 Cincinnati Show My second telephone show, September 1, 2012
12-22-2016 52 Telephone Museum Telephone Museum on the first floor of the Oklahoma City ATT exchange building. October 10, 2012
Other photo galleries by Cowboy Frank and friends (636 images)
07-01-2007 81 Rolling Thunder
The annual Memorial Day bikers rally in Washington DC. Assembly in the Pentagon parking lot. Photos by Ron R.
05-10-2002 98 APRA
Professional rodeo cowboys, shot at a straight American Professional Rodeo Association rodeo in Pennsylvania. Updated with more larger images
03-30-2004 40 EXPO New York City GLBT Expo I attended in 2004
01-30-2002 60 Cowboy
Photos by yours truly of my best friend Cowboy Chuck. 29 new images.
12-08-2002 12 Cowboy
2 New Videos of my second and third punishments for not cleaning the stables right.
08-26-2000 87 Electrical
Electrical workers install a new transformer in my neighborhood, August, 2000. Blue Collar workers
07-08-2009 25 Night In DC
My friend Ron and I visited DC for some night photography
04-15-2007 32 Spring In DC
Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC,
April 2, 2007
04-18-2001 20 Spring In DC
Various shots from the Virginia bank of the Potomac River
April 14, 2001
03-06-2001 20 Maine
My spring vacation to Maine and my friend Scott
February 2 - 17, 2001
03-26-2010 62 Video
Video snapshot captures from the 1980's
An old gallery brought back out of mothballs
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