#1:     1988, 29 foot Sunline Seville We used this trailer for 17 years and it was beginning to have many structural problems. So we began looking for a replacement in 2004.


DSC_3319.JPG   119.0K 1990-03-26-10.jpg   106.2K DSC_3248.JPG   160.9K DSC_3251.JPG   145.7K DSC_3252.JPG   173.2K DSC_3253.JPG   153.7K DSC_3254.JPG   154.3K DSC_7478.JPG   116.7K DSC_3201.JPG   153.1K DSC_3203.JPG   136.3K DSC_7483.JPG   79.7K DSC_7485.JPG   84.0K DSC_7486.JPG   39.1K DSC_7487.JPG   45.3K DSC_3255.JPG   97.4K DSC_3256.JPG   101.8K DSC_3257.JPG   97.1K DSC_3258.JPG   108.0K DSC_3259.JPG   102.9K DSC_3261.JPG   117.6K DSC_3262.JPG   55.4K DSC_3263.JPG   111.1K DSC_3264.JPG   97.9K DSC_3267.JPG   100.2K DSC_3269.JPG   41.4K DSC_3272.JPG   36.1K DSC_3277.JPG   50.8K DSC_3293.JPG   106.1K DSC_3295.JPG   117.2K DSC_3297.JPG   56.9K DSC_3299.JPG   53.4K DSC_3300.JPG   101.1K DSC_3301.JPG   100.5K DSC_3303.JPG   122.3K DSC_3308.JPG   182.4K DSC_3314.JPG   132.3K DSC_3315.JPG   130.4K DSC_3321.JPG   153.8K
#2:     Lance slide-in We purchased this rig to allow us to camp in more National Forrest campgrounds, but it was a mistake. We only used this rig two times before selling it.


p000079.jpg   128.1K dc0347l.jpg   135.5K dc0348l.jpg   132.2K dc0349l.jpg   123.6K dc0787l.jpg   100.9K dc0789l.jpg   108.2K dc0790l.jpg   133.1K dc0795l.jpg   113.5K dc0796l.jpg   115.5K dc0805l.jpg   102.6K
#3:     2005 Sunline As a smaller replacement for our first trailer this was not a good choice.
We both disliked it, so only used it for a few camping trips. We traded it in 2006 for our first filth wheel below. One reason for buying this specific trailer was it was within the towing weight of my 2004 Ford F150. The F250 which pulled the old trailer was getting old.
Sunline went out of business in 2006.


DSC_3326.JPG   170.7K DSC_3426.JPG   99.2K DSC_3427.JPG   110.8K DSC_3429.JPG   47.3K DSC_3431.JPG   33.2K DSC_3432.JPG   34.6K DSC_3434.JPG   99.1K DSC_3435.JPG   61.1K DSC_3437.JPG   91.4K DSC_3438.JPG   36.2K DSC_3439.JPG   108.8K DSC_3441.JPG   92.9K DSC_3444.JPG   101.5K DSC_6771.JPG   176.8K DSC_7819.JPG   201.2K DSC_7820.JPG   210.7K DSC_7821.JPG   210.0K DSC_7839.JPG   131.6K DSC_7841.JPG   171.9K DSC_7853.JPG   178.0K DSC_7858.JPG   106.3K DSC_0285.JPG   166.6K DSC_0286.JPG   145.2K DSC_0287.JPG   105.9K DSC_0289.JPG   36.3K DSC_0290.JPG   133.4K
#4:     2007 Ameri-Camp, Summit Ridge We loved this trailer, but it had many defects. By the time we sold it in 2016, we had sunk as much into repairs as the original trailer cost.
The final straw was when the back wall separated from the floor.
Amer-Camp went out of busness in 2009.


DSC_0274.JPG   105.6K DSC_0275.JPG   96.2K DSC_0276.JPG   81.7K DSC_0277.JPG   80.1K DSC_0273.JPG   117.3K DSC_7357.JPG   196.6K DSC_7358.JPG   118.7K DSC_7359.JPG   171.6K DSC_7361.JPG   164.9K DSC_7365.JPG   168.8K DSC_8654.JPG   95.2K DSC_8656.JPG   85.0K DSC_8661.JPG   118.7K DSC_0268.JPG   138.8K DSC_0269.JPG   165.0K DSC_0270.JPG   134.6K DSC_0468.JPG   103.6K DSC_1220.JPG   139.7K DSC_7793.JPG   99.2K DSC_8122.JPG   107.0K DSC_0081.JPG   120.5K DSC_1598.JPG   102.0K DSC_1615.JPG   105.4K DSC_3729.JPG   104.7K DSC_3806.JPG   78.6K DSC_3971.JPG   113.7K DSC_5336.JPG   119.3K DSC_5344.JPG   127.1K DSC_5485.JPG   142.4K DSC_5812.JPG   97.9K DSC_5852.JPG   135.5K DSC_0665.JPG   92.9K DSC_2656.JPG   81.8K DSC_4465.JPG   131.1K DSC_4046.JPG   182.3K DSC_4047.JPG   177.5K DSC_4053.JPG   110.0K DSC_4054.JPG   121.7K DSC_4055.JPG   99.1K DSC_4056.JPG   66.6K DSC_4057.JPG   119.1K DSC_4058.JPG   54.4K DSC_4059.JPG   34.2K DSC_4062.JPG   127.7K DSC_4064.JPG   107.8K DSC_4067.JPG   41.5K
#5:     2017, Sanibel by Prime Time Our current trailer. Our first "luxury" trailer and the nicest we have ever owned.


DSC_5156.JPG   123.1K DSC_5157.JPG   88.0K DSC_5164.JPG   210.2K DSC_4018.JPG   105.4K DSC_5169.JPG   110.4K DSC_5170.JPG   113.6K DSC_5175.JPG   107.5K DSC_5176.JPG   117.4K DSC_9600.JPG   149.3K DSC_9601.JPG   186.6K DSC_9609.JPG   151.5K DSC_5758.JPG   124.1K DSC_5762.JPG   139.6K DSC_5797.JPG   145.4K DSC_7102.JPG   96.8K DSC_7116.JPG   72.5K DSC_7130.JPG   192.4K DSC_7134.JPG   103.1K DSC_7135.JPG   93.4K DSC_7152.JPG   136.4K DSC_7187.JPG   68.6K DSC_7242.JPG   152.3K