A private tour of the White House

Most people don't know that the White House is part of the National Park System. In the fall of 1996, the finance officer at Manassas National Battlefield Park, where I was volunteering, was in Washington DC taking a class in a new payroll system. She met and became friends with the chief gardner of the White House. He invited her to bring a few people from the park for a back yard tour. I think he was expecting three or four people, we showed up with eleven.

I had just recently purchased my second Digital camera (a Kodak DC-50) and brought it along. The guards at the gate were very interested in the camera but allowed me to take it in and I received permission to shoot a few photos in certain areas.

The President was expected back later that day so there was lots of activity going on. In addition to the grounds, we saw the florist area as well as getting a chance to pet Socks, President Clinton's pet cat.

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