First posted Mar 17, 1998
Major update Dec 02, 2013
Last update Oct 11, 2016
The Fire Department Between 1978 and 1980, I was a member of the McLean Volunteer Fire Department in McLean, Virginia. Most of these photos were shot in 1978 during 3 house burnings, while I was still in training.
House Burning

When a house is scheduled for demolition, sometimes the owner will donate the old structure to the local fire department for training. A fire will be set and a crew will go into the burning house and put it out. Another fire is set in a different room, and it too put out. And so on for as long as the structure is reasonably safe to enter. Then the building is allowed to burn completely. This process of repeated setting and extinguishing allows as many firefighters as possible to get involved.

This gallery was originally posted way back in 1998 on one of my earliest websites. I've finally gotten around to rescanning the original 35m slides and adding many more to the galley.

FireDepartment-001.jpg   58.5K FireDepartment-002.jpg   80.9K FireDepartment-003.jpg   93.3K FireDepartment-004.jpg   97.3K FireDepartment-005.jpg   139.6K FireDepartment-006.jpg   29.4K FireDepartment-007.jpg   89.3K FireDepartment-008.jpg   167.6K FireDepartment-009.jpg   51.5K FireDepartment-010.jpg   197.2K FireDepartment-011.jpg   45.6K FireDepartment-012.jpg   154.7K FireDepartment-013.jpg   82.3K FireDepartment-014.jpg   61.1K FireDepartment-015.jpg   50.9K FireDepartment-016.jpg   87.2K FireDepartment-017.jpg   67.8K FireDepartment-018.jpg   90.0K FireDepartment-019.jpg   123.5K FireDepartment-020.jpg   113.0K FireDepartment-021.jpg   131.1K FireDepartment-022.jpg   109.0K FireDepartment-023.jpg   118.4K FireDepartment-025.jpg   75.2K FireDepartment-026.jpg   51.0K FireDepartment-027.jpg   61.0K FireDepartment-028.jpg   100.3K FireDepartment-029.jpg   120.5K FireDepartment-030.jpg   40.9K FireDepartment-031.jpg   115.0K FireDepartment-032.jpg   115.1K FireDepartment-033.jpg   84.5K FireDepartment-034.jpg   197.2K FireDepartment-035.jpg   189.4K FireDepartment-036.jpg   91.1K FireDepartment-037.jpg   104.0K FireDepartment-038.jpg   130.0K FireDepartment-039.jpg   147.2K FireDepartment-040.jpg   109.2K FireDepartment-041.jpg   138.4K FireDepartment-042.jpg   64.5K FireDepartment-043.jpg   136.0K FireDepartment-044.jpg   95.4K FireDepartment-045.jpg   94.8K FireDepartment-046.jpg   107.6K FireDepartment-047.jpg   74.7K FireDepartment-048.jpg   78.5K FireDepartment-049.jpg   158.0K FireDepartment-050.jpg   50.6K FireDepartment-051.jpg   69.5K FireDepartment-052.jpg   43.5K FireDepartment-053.jpg   69.1K FireDepartment-054.jpg   93.4K FireDepartment-055.jpg   142.2K FireDepartment-056.jpg   98.4K FireDepartment-057.jpg   26.5K FireDepartment-058.jpg   103.8K FireDepartment-059.jpg   52.2K FireDepartment-060.jpg   128.1K FireDepartment-061.jpg   58.7K FireDepartment-062.jpg   69.3K
Moc Airline Crash These night shots were in late 1979 at training exercise where the county staged a mock airline crash at the county training center on West Ox Road.
FireDepartment-063.jpg   162.4K FireDepartment-064.jpg   67.3K FireDepartment-065.jpg   34.8K FireDepartment-066.jpg   28.6K FireDepartment-067.jpg   56.3K FireDepartment-068.jpg   40.5K FireDepartment-069.jpg   23.5K
Extraction Class These 4 shots are of a vehicle extraction class held at station 21 where I volunteered in late 1980 for about a year.

FireDepartment-070.jpg   97.5K FireDepartment-071.jpg   46.7K FireDepartment-072.jpg   69.1K FireDepartment-073.jpg   57.7K FireDepartment-074.jpg   71.0K
The Fire House The old McLean Fire Station. I believe this building was constructed in the 1950's or 1960's. It has now been replaced with a new station across the street and at last check this building was a county recreation facility.
FireDepartment-075.jpg   135.7K FireDepartment-076.jpg   117.6K FireDepartment-077.jpg   114.9K FireDepartment-078.jpg   99.6K FireDepartment-079.jpg   81.6K FireDepartment-080.jpg   59.0K FireDepartment-081.jpg   102.1K FireDepartment-082.jpg   90.7K FireDepartment-083.jpg   92.5K FireDepartment-084.jpg   100.5K FireDepartment-085.jpg   100.5K FireDepartment-086.jpg   68.2K FireDepartment-087.jpg   123.7K FireDepartment-088.jpg   98.9K FireDepartment-089.jpg   55.9K FireDepartment-090.jpg   76.4K FireDepartment-091.jpg   71.4K FireDepartment-092.jpg   76.3K FireDepartment-093.jpg   34.1K FireDepartment-094.jpg   71.7K FireDepartment-095.jpg   80.7K FireDepartment-096.jpg   85.6K
Personal The following photos are of me and my two brothers. I'm showing them around the fire equipment. Next is me in my fireman's uniform at a Christmas dinner at my Father's home. Last two images are of a map I built in my apartment which showed all the fire stations in Fairfax County. In the last imeage, I'm pointing to the McLean fire house. Each station was a light bulb which I could turn on independently from across the room using a switching device.

photoalbums0114a.jpg   117.6K photoalbums0114b.jpg   99.4K photoalbums0114c.jpg   114.2K photoalbums0114d.jpg   102.8K photoalbums0115a.jpg   47.2K photoalbums0116a.jpg   30.9K photoalbums0116b.jpg   104.5K photoalbums0117a.jpg   70.8K photoalbums0117b.jpg   77.6K