Salt River Valley along US 60 in East Central Arizona

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North Rim Grand Canyon

DSC_9520.JPG   133.5K DSC_9521.JPG   132.8K DSC_9522.JPG   72.9K DSC_9524.JPG   144.4K DSC_9525.JPG   174.8K DSC_9526.JPG   72.2K DSC_9528.JPG   141.3K DSC_9529.JPG   94.8K DSC_9530.JPG   126.3K DSC_9531.JPG   97.0K DSC_9532.JPG   51.5K DSC_9533.JPG   132.7K DSC_9534.JPG   162.0K DSC_9535.JPG   178.1K DSC_9536.JPG   120.7K DSC_9537.JPG   168.1K DSC_9538.JPG   96.7K DSC_9540.JPG   143.6K DSC_9541.JPG   135.6K

North West of Grand Canyon near Kanab, Utah

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Campground in St George, Utah

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Entering Sequoia National Park

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The Giant Sequoias

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Sequoia National Forest where for several weeks they have been fighting a large fire called "The Rough Fire". In the distance you would normally see a vast snow capped mountain range (as in the Panoramo photo seen below) but on the day we drove through, they were totally obscured by smoke from the fire. If you look very carefully right in the center of the third photo, you can just make out the mountain top through the smoke.

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This photo is from Panoramo, not mine

Yosemite Valley
NOTE: If you try to view the Google Earth placemarks on some of the photos you will end up looking at a black screen. The issue is the positioning of your view point ends up being inside one of the cliffs. Just zoom out a bit and the valley will come into view.

DSC_9575.JPG   129.6K DSC_9577.JPG   40.4K DSC_9580.JPG   62.8K DSC_9581.JPG   162.5K DSC_9582.JPG   75.4K DSC_9583.JPG   44.7K DSC_9584.JPG   166.7K DSC_9585.JPG   92.0K DSC_9587.JPG   96.1K DSC_9588.JPG   46.2K DSC_9592.JPG   133.0K DSC_9593.JPG   198.3K DSC_9595.JPG   114.4K DSC_9597.JPG   185.9K DSC_9608.JPG   220.0K DSC_9610.JPG   171.3K DSC_9611.JPG   170.2K DSC_9612.JPG   131.1K DSC_9613.JPG   88.4K DSC_9615.JPG   148.1K DSC_9616.JPG   174.7K DSC_9606.JPG   190.0K DSC_9607.JPG   181.9K

In 1969, Frank spent 2 weeks visiting his friend Scott Hadley in Yosemite. At that time Scott's father was Superintendent of the park. This was their house while they lived there. Sometime in the 1970's the house was turned into offices. In January 1997, Yosemite suffered massive flooding which damaged the house severely. It has been boarded up since then. One ranger told me the park is debating tearing the house down.

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The American Museum of Telephony, also known as the JKL Museum near San Andreas, California. Visit their website

Sadly the museum burned to the ground from a forest fire just a few days after my visit.

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