Cowboy Frank and his motorcycles

1987 and 1988

Two YouTube videos shot in 1987 and 1988 of my motorcycles. First video shows me in my leathers. Second video is just the ride. I had two 1982 Honda Silver-Wing bikes. These models were a scaled down version of the Gold Wing but with only two cylinders and a 500 cc engine instead of four cylinders and a 500 cc engine of the Gold Wings

Halloween Costume

p000382.jpg   88.8K p000383.jpg   207.2K p000384.jpg   129.0K October 30, 1997

The Halloween costume I wore to the office. I was teaching several computer classes that day so most of the park got to see my getup.

Cowboy Frank Plays Around

DSC01151.JPG   33.5K DSC01154.JPG   34.9K DSC01155.JPG   77.6K DSC01156.JPG   52.5K January 3, 2015

Fireman Frank in a borrowed Globe fireman's coat, his own Cairns helmet from when he was a fireman in the 1970's and his MSA 401 SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) which he purchased off eBay in 2014. Yes I know the boots are fisherman's boots not fireman's 3/4 boots. That's just what I happened to have on that day. Next time I'll put on the right boots and some gloves.

dc1707l.jpg   54.9K dc1710l.jpg   53.6K dc1714l.jpg   57.7K dc1715l.jpg   59.8K dc1716l.jpg   62.0K dc1717l.jpg   55.8K dc1721l.jpg   56.5K dc1723l.jpg   54.9K dc1730l.jpg   55.1K August 29, 1997

Rubber Frank with fireman gear and hip boots.
Shot next to my 94 Ford Bronco. The fireman helmets were the ones I actually wore when I was a volunteer fireman in the late 1970s. The arm coverings are called rubber selves and are used by high voltage electrical workers along with the linemen's gloves. The mask is a Wilson air mask normally used in hazardous areas with a tethered hose supplying the breathing air. Boots are LaCrosse commercial fisherman's boots and generic brand insulated 3/4 fireman's boots.

L937_0439.jpg   40.1K L937_0440.jpg   37.5K L937_0441.jpg   38.7K L937_0442.jpg   38.8K L937_0443.jpg   39.1K L937_0444.jpg   40.1K L937_0446.jpg   38.8K L937_0451.jpg   39.5K L937_0452.jpg   39.3K January 16, 2002

More fireman photos. My bunker pants and 1/2 boots. These tit clamps have springs in them with a screw adjustment and alligator clips on the ends. Loosen the screw and the spring clamps down. Yup, there's nothing on underneath those fireman pants.

DSC_7595.JPG   109.0K DSC_7597.JPG   110.0K DSC_7598.JPG   96.0K DSC_7609.JPG   132.0K DSC_7613.JPG   106.4K DSC_7615.JPG   126.5K DSC_7624.JPG   111.9K DSC_7626.JPG   142.6K DSC_7629.JPG   68.1K June 1, 2003

Cowboy Frank plays a rubber booted construction worker as he gets down and dirty and cleans the gutters.

These are Lacros professional fishermen hip boots size 9 and I'm using a Kracher 2000 psi electric powered pressure washer.

DSC_6480.JPG   56.9K DSC_6484.JPG   55.9K DSC_6486.JPG   49.5K DSC_6487.JPG   56.4K DSC_6491.JPG   55.7K DSC_6493.JPG   58.0K March 10, 2003

Cowboy chaps hat and vest. Japanese style tit clamps and a parachute ball stretcher. My highest endurence so far has been 5 pounds. Is that a real gun? You bet it is! Photos shot in my living room in Clifton Virginia.

DSC_2277.JPG   102.9K DSC_2284.JPG   102.2K DSC_2285.JPG   94.0K DSC_2292.JPG   125.6K DSC_2297.JPG   106.1K DSC_2293.JPG   113.1K November 13, 2003

Cowboy Frank plays with his good friend VladPup.
Our hero gets worked over by a real master of the art. VladPup passed away from cancer March 3, 2007

Horse Riding

DSC_9054.JPG   88.2K DSC_9055.JPG   130.2K DSC_9056.JPG   113.3K DSC_9057.JPG   129.5K DSC_9058.JPG   115.0K DSC_9678.JPG   111.7K DSC_9679.JPG   115.8K DSC_9680.JPG   96.9K DSC_9681.JPG   122.8K DSC_9682.JPG   105.7K DSC_9683.JPG   108.6K September 11, 12, 2004.

ASGRA Atlantic Stampede Rodeo. First 5 images from Saturday, next 6 images from Sunday

I really messed up. Didn't have enough practice with Runner and just after going around the first barrel, he decided he wanted to leave rather than finish the run. That's when I lost control and we went flying out the gate. Again on sunday, almost the same thing only this time I hit the gate on the way out. (Look at the difference between the gate on the last two images)

Well there's always next year.
Well that didn't work out.
My partner never wanted me to compete because he was afraid I would get hurt. Well... the first time I tried competing... I got hurt... so that put an end to me competing on a horse.

Barrel Practice and Trail Rides

DSC_4970.JPG   148.6K DSC_4998.JPG   102.5K DSC_4999.JPG   107.3K DSC_5012.JPG   116.6K DSC_5027.JPG   134.0K DSC_5029.JPG   107.9K DSC_5067.JPG   138.8K DSC_5071.JPG   120.9K DSC_5080.JPG   158.3K DSC_5147.JPG   128.6K May 15-16, 2004

Cowboy Frank attends a Barrel Racing Clinic, hosted by his farm buddies and taught by his riding instructor. Here Frank is riding Runner using his new saddle which gets it's first real workout.

Two entire days on a horse. Cowboy Frank's longest session up to this point. I figured I would be sore all over but suprisingly there were very few muscle problems. In fact the next Tuesday I was back at my regular riding lesson with no ill effects.

DSC_0414.JPG   91.3K DSC_0416.JPG   120.3K DSC_0418.JPG   70.7K DSC_0469.JPG   114.6K DSC_0475.JPG   127.7K DSC_0754.JPG   106.0K DSC_0783.JPG   77.3K DSC_0785.JPG   95.4K DSC_0794.JPG   115.5K September 1, 2002

Cowboy Frank tries his hand as barrel racing on Sam. Actually Sam surprised all of us. We had no idea of his background, but when I pointed him into the arena, he took off and knew exactly what to do. We finally decided he must have been a champion barrel racer in his day. Sam is now around 25 years old which is really up there in years for a horse.

DSC_6155.JPG   89.9K DSC_6160.JPG   141.0K DSC_6144.JPG   115.8K DSC_6153.JPG   156.3K DSC_6202.JPG   165.1K Febuary 2, 2003

This horse is named Slim and belongs to Piscataway Stables in Maryland. Check out my Rodeo site for more on these ASGRA sponsored trail rides, first Sunday in every month.

DSC_4505.JPG   140.1K DSC_4507.JPG   144.4K DSC_4508.JPG   113.7K DSC_4514.JPG   204.4K DSC_4525.JPG   129.6K October 26, 2002

This is Alazar, Cowboy Chuck's horse. He is mostly Arabian and quite stubborn at times.

DSC_0161.JPG   100.8K DSC_2973.JPG   82.7K DSC_3354.JPG   70.3K

Cowboy Frank at the 2002 rodeo training school
Presenting the Flag racing buckle at the 2002 rodeo
At the 2002 IGRA national finals rodeo in Wichita

Around Town and Country

DSC_4695.JPG   97.1K p001318.jpg   120.8K p001433.jpg   74.0K

At the 2002 Rodeo Volunteer party
July 5 1998 before I got involved with horses
A rare time when my beard looks halfway decent :-)

P003290.JPG   80.1K dc1059l.jpg   64.0K dc1651l.jpg   60.3K

Spring 2001 near Arlington Cemetery
1998, after breaking a tooth, Ain't that a Redneck look?
1998 after my partner tried dying my beard, yuck!

DSC_3248.JPG   227.0K DSC_3225.JPG   180.3K DSC_3239.JPG   220.6K

Cowboy Frank prepares for his first belting by Cowboy Chuck. See my Cowboy Whipping gallery for videos of later episodes.