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First posted Aug 16, 2010
Last update Mar 15, 2015

October 1 (15 photos)
Two horse houses we looked at today north of Denver
October 2 (18 photos)
Today's houses. The first one has unbelievable views but it was too expensive for what was offered inside.
October 3 (11 photos)
Back in the Conifer area
October 6 (46 photos)
We have made an offer on the house in Castle Rock, CO. The sellers have 24 hours to respond.
October 11 (7 photos)
Home inspection and a few more photos
October 13 (13 photos)
Across the Rocky Mountains
October 14 (7 photos)
Through Utah
October 26 (4 photos)
Sunset near Beaver, Utah
October 27 (14 photos)
Interstate 70 through Utah
October 28 (16 photos)
Across the Rockies
October 29 (6 photos)
Cowboy washes the truck