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First posted Aug 11, 2010
Last update Mar 15, 2015

January 5 (16 photos)
Denver, Colorado, National Western Stock Show
January 8 (16 photos)
Interstate 70 through the Colorado Rockies
January 9 (16 photos)
Along Interstate 70 in Eastern Utah
January 25 (5 photos)
Along US 93 in Eastern Nevada

We spent the next 5 days in Elko Nevada attending the Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering.
January 26 (8 photos)
Dave Stamey, Dian Tribbit & Jerry Brooks
January 27 (9 photos)
Elko with the Sons of the San Joaquin
January 28 (7 photos)
Elko, Red Steagall & The Sons of the San Joaquin
January 28 (3 photos)
Elko, Humor with Andy Nelson, Bob Schild and Carol Heuchan
January 28 (5 photos)
Elko, Paul Zarzski, Dave Stamey and Cowboy Celtic
January 29 (5 photos)
Hold Yer Horses, humor with Carol Heuchan, Milton Taylor, Jerry Brooks, and Dave Stamey
January 29 (3 photos)
Buckaroo Blue Grass with Michael Martin Murphy
January 29 (3 photos)
A Cowboy and a Little Girl, Cora Woof and Don Edwards
January 29 (3 photos)
Boots and Pearls, Andy Nelson, Adrian and Corb Lund, and the Hurtin Albertans
January 30 (5 photos)
Waitin' to get into the main event
January 30 (4 photos)
Andy Nelson, a special guest and Baxter Black
January 30 (3 photos)
Ranch Family Show, Randy Rieman, and the Sons of the San Joaquin
January 30 ( photos)
Elko Saturday Night, Waddie Mitchell, Don Edwards, and Cowboy Celtic
January 31 (6 photos)
Heading back to Las Vegas from Elko