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First posted Aug 16, 2010
Last update Mar 15, 2015

March 1 (5 photos)
Oasis State Park, Clovis, New Mexico
March 2 ( photos)
Webcam shots of snow in Eastern New Mexico
March 3 (6 photos)
A trip up Capulin Volcano in New Mexico
May 9 (22 photos)
The new home of our friends Dave and Jim in Denver
March 10 (5 photos)
New furniture is delevered to Dave and Jim's new place
March 16 (11 photos)
Scenes around Fort Supply Lake in Oklahoma
March 19 (7 photos)
Broken parts on our trailer
March 23 (5 photos)
Spring blosems in Eisenhower State Park, Texas
March 31 (5 photos)
Along the Florida Gulf Coast