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Friday, October 1
Dakota Ridge RV Park   Golden, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $47.47 per night
We're still in the same campground. Today we looked at 2 houses. Both very beautiful, but not our style.  

Saturday, October 2
We drove by 2 more houses today. The owner was home at the first one so we got to see inside. The views are spectacular, but for the price $550,000 the insides were sorely lacking.  

Sunday, October 3
We drove back to the Conifer area and looked at the outside of 3 houses. The 3rd one might be interesting but the other two weren't. We will discuss the 3rd house this evening. It is unfinished and has a good view, but it is way out from the city.  

Wednesday, October 6
We have made an offer on the first house we looked at last week. The sellers have 24 hours to accept or come back with a counter offer. The house it too close to the Interstate, but we feel we can get use to the little noise that penetrates the walls. The house is such a good deal and has so many features that we felt it too good a bargain to pass up.

Thursday, October 7
We had a day of concern when they countered with a higher than expected offer which we refused. However, this morning they countered with a figure we can live with, so we have a contract. There is still a few minor contingencies like an inspection and the paperwork needs to be signed, but our new address will be in Castle Rock, Colorado.
  Forgive the fish eye lens on these photos.
  See also photos from our first visit

Monday, October 11
We had our house inspection today and it passed with flying colors. It took the inspector 5 ½ hours to cover the house. Here are a few more pictures.  

Tuesday, October 12
Just a small update. We were planning on heading to Las Vegas today, but it was raining here and snowing up in the mountains where we would have to drive, so we delayed one more day. Our house closing has been moved up to November 1 so we will take possession then rather than near the end of November as originally planned. We ordered a couple of office desks and chairs today which should be delivered near the beginning of November.

Wednesday, October 13 Todays route using Google Earth 246 miles
Junction West RV Park   Grand Junction, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $34.07 per night
Beautiful day today. We started off climbing the Rocky Mountains and the truck was performing much better with its new fuel injectors. Then just before we reached the Eisenhower Tunnel along the Continental Divide, there was a loud pop. Frank pulled over right away and as soon as we concluded we hadn't blown a tire we pulled off at an exit that was just a few hundred feet ahead. We stopped in front of a small country store and raised the hood. After looking for a minute we found a clamp that holds the air pipe from the turbo charger had broken and the hose was hanging loose. As it happened there was a small service station right next door and the owner seeing us there with the hood up walked over and took a look. He immediately saw the problem and said this was fairly common here as trucks try to climb this steep mountain. He didn't have the exact part but put a temporary clamp on which was enough to get us 14 miles over the divide and to a Ford dealer in Silver Thorn. We were so lucky that the blow-out occurred right next to a place which could help us. The Ford dealer replaced the clamp and a rubber boot which was a part of the hose and we were on our way in a bit over an hour.  
Thursday, Octobeer 14 Todays route using Google Earth 282 miles
Beaver, KOA   Beaver, UT Locate this campground with Google Earth $33.02 per night
Moving along toward Las Vegas, and a very beautiful day it has been. No problems with the truck at all. A few photos of our trip today  
Friday, October 15 Todays route using Google Earth 235 miles
Sam's Town RV Park   Las Vegas, NV Locate this campground with Google Earth $34.16 per night
We are now in Las Vegas. The last night in Denver it got down to the upper 30's, this afternoon it was 100 here in Vegas, and we are stuck in a 30 amp site for tonight so can only use one air conditioner. At least the humidity was only 11%. We will spend the next 4 days here shopping and maybe see a show before heading south to Laughlin and the Rodeo.

Tuesday, October 19
Over the last few days we have done basic chores and shopping. We went to see "O" again on Sunday. Tonight we will see Zumanity.

Wednesday, October 20 Todays route using Google Earth 103 miles
AVI Casino KOA   Laughlin, NV Locate this campground with Google Earth $26.82 per night
It rained on and off today as we traveled through some of the wetest desert we have ever seen. We are in a different part of the campground this time. We asked about this area and were told nobody wants to camp here because it costs $5 more. Well the cost is so low already we said let's do it. We had dinner at a restaurant in the casino called Moon Shadow. Good food but very expensive and some of the worst service we have ever experienced. We had waited 30 minutes before we got drinks and it was almost an hour before we got food. And the restaurant was almost empty.
Monday, October 25 Todays route using Google Earth miles
Sam's RV Park   Las Vegas, NV Locate this campground with Google Earth $25.20 per night
Sorry for the delays in getting the travelouge updated. The weekend was busy and we were both very tired. The rodeo weekend was very busy and enjoyable except for the Saturday evening entertainment. The sound was way too loud and many people complained. The entertainers, while good, were not the kind of groups our fans are interested in. I did post a gallery of the rodeo in the gallery section.
Tuesday, October 26 Todays route using Google Earth 232 miles
Beaver KOA   Beaver, UT Locate this campground with Google Earth $ 33.02 per night
We are headed back to our new home in Colorado. The weather has been very nice, beautiful sky's and dry but it is getting cold. Supposed to have freezing temps tonight. As the sun set the mountains were aflame with the evening light.  
Wednesday, October 27 Todays route using Google Earth 280 miles
Junction West RV Park   Grand Junction, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $ 34.79 per night
A beautiful day to drive across the mountains.   We had a light dusting of snow last night which only affected the ground and not the road surfaces.
Thursday, October 28 Todays route using Google Earth 238 miles
Dakota Ridge RV Park   Golden, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $47.47 per night
It was a hard drive today through the mountains some of which had snow on the road.   We are back in Dakota Ridge possibly for the last time. When the trailer gets moved next we will no longer have a reason to camp this close to home. We are scheduling all kinds of stuff to be done to the house and getting things delivered.

Friday, October 29
We started off today by visiting our real estate agent and picking up paperwork such as the septic certificate and plats for the property. Then we drove to several stores and purchased a TV which will go into the kitchen. On Tuesday we will have cable, internet and phone service installed and they will need a TV to check out the installation. Next we went to a car wash and cleaned the truck which was covered with road salt from yesterday's drive through the mountains.   Finally we went to a nearby Best Buy and ordered an LG washing machine and matching dryer to be delivered next Thursday. A productive day but much more coming over the next week.

Saturday, October 30
Today we went to a Select Comfort bed store and ordered a Sleep Number bed. Then to a lamp store to look at lighting. Didn't buy any lights yet but we now have a good idea of what we want.

Sunday, October 31
Tom did laundry while Frank washed the trailer today. This evening we met with the current owner of the house and had a walk through which lasted over 2 hours. He explained much to us about the technical aspect of the house. We had all missed the built-in Kitchen Aid food processer. Afterwards, we went to a 5 Guys hamburger place which is only 10 minutes from the house. Tomorrow we go to closing.