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Wednesday, September 1
Prairie Band Casino and Resort   Mayetta, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $15.75 per night
Today Tom called some of the companies which supported our house in Clifton such as monthly insect inspections and cancelled those accounts. Frank continued his judging of Web Sites. Then Frank prepared suitcases full of electronics he was moving to the Double Tree Hotel in Overland Park, KS, where the IGRA Board Meeting will be held. Again we went to dinner at the buffet. Wednesdays are half price night, so it is a real bargain.

Thursday, September 2
We left the trailer in the casino campground and drove to Overland Park, Kansas to stay in the host hotel while we attend meetings and the rodeo this weekend. We drove 92 miles today to the hotel, then went to dinner at HomeTown Buffet. Our next entry will not be until next Monday when we return to the trailer.

Monday, September 6
Well started off with some surprises. As we were about to load out from the hotel, Frank looked at the truck, and said "We have something that needs taken care of now!!!" Tom came around the truck to see an almost flat rear tire. So we drove immediately to a gas station to put air into the tire, then to a Firestone Dealer to get a new tire. They had to have one delivered so it took an extra two hours. I called the hotel and they were gracious to allow us to check out three hours late. The hotel said, "you take care of the tire, we will be here when you return." So we loaded out of the hotel and then came back to the trailer today. We were expecting to stop in Topeka to pick up medications for Frank but they had not arrived yet. Back in the trailer, Frank finished up the IGRA Website Award judging, which took most of the day. He also got the galleries up from the weekend rodeo.

Tuesday, September 7
We drove back to Topeka to shop for groceries and get meds. When we returned Tom did laundry. Again had dinner at the casino's buffet.

Wednesday, September 8
Frank is having problems with shingles on his back. He is taking it easy while Tom washed the truck and did some more laundry. We had breakfast at the casino buffet this morning. Not bad. Tom spent several hours gathering data on the cost of registering the trailer and new truck in Florida versus Colorado. We made a major decision, we will proceed to Colorado and skip Florida for this trip. If we went to Florida and got licenses and registered the vehicles, the cost of the trip would be a couple of thousand dollars over any tax advantage we would get by becoming temporary Florida residents. It just makes since to go on to Colorado. We also extended our stay here for one more day due to expected rain from the remains of Tropical Storm Hermine which is coming up from the gulf. Dinner again at half price at the buffet.

Thursday, September 9
Well it is raining, so staying another day did make sense. We drove north to Holton to do some shopping. We visited a great local hardware store and bought wire ties and "O" rings for the water connectors to the trailer. Then we went to the Bank, Walmart, and a grocery store. The rest of the day was spent slowly doing things inside the trailer and Frank resting some.

Friday, September 10
The weather forcast indicated posible severe thunderstorms today so we decided to stay one more day. After all,

Saturday, September 11 Todays route using Google Earth 196 miles
Big Brutus campground   West Mineral, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $15.00 per night
The storms have past and we are ready to move on. As we began to break camp, Tom found one of the motors on the brand new rear stabilizer jacks was not working... again. After manually closing the jack, we took off. About 20 miles before arriving at our destination for the evening, we noticed part of the under-panel on the front of the trailer just above the truck, was hanging down.   Looking closer, we saw the material, which is little more than laminated cardboard, had been damaged by water and needs to be replaced. We have had a lot of problems with this trailer, but houses also have lots of problems. At least the trailer is small and easy to clean, unlike a house. We are back at Big Brutus and will spend time touring tomorrow. The last time we were here it was in the upper 90's and any time spent outside was miserable. This time the temperature should be more tolerable.

Sunday, September 12
We spent the day touring Big Brutus and resting in the trailer. Yesterday when we first arrived they had a group of antique cars and trucks on display. I didn't take as many photos as last time because I wasn't feeling very good.  

Monday, September 13 Todays route using Google Earth 155 miles
Checotah KOA   Checotah, OK Locate this campground with Google Earth $35.00 per night
We are headed for Oklahoma City and Motley's RV repair. We tried a temporary fix of the front panel of the trailer by using duct tape but it didn't hold. We finally got the panel fastened using some screws but the panel will still have to be replaced. This is the 3rd time we have stayed at this nice campground. This is the one with the great bathrooms we have mentioned before. Nicest bathrooms we have ever seen in a campground. Nicer than many houses. Frank is still having problems with the shingles. He is very tired and anything that rubs his skin hurts. Tom drove most of the way today to help out while Frank rested. Frank was so tired that he forgot to shoot the campground picture, so he did it after dark. Not bad for a hand held 10 second exposure.
Tuesday, September 14 Todays route using Google Earth 120 miles
Council Road RV Park   Oklahoma City, OK Locate this campground with Google Earth $25.20 per night
We drove through a number of rain storms including a few that were quite heavy today. We would normally sit out another day if it is expected to rain but we wanted to get to Oklahoma City so we could keep our appointment with Motley RV Repair. We took the trailer to the repair shop before going to the campground so Allen could take a look at what we needed done. He will order replacement motors for the rear stabilizer jacks. It remains to be determined exactly what will be done with the front underbelly. At least part of it will have to be replaced, but we will see how much is necessary tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15
We took the trailer over to Motley's RV shop. The first thing on our list was to take the microwave off the wall and see if it would be possible to have the exhaust fan vent to the outside instead of inside. It took about 20 minutes to get into the wall where we found there was a vertical aluminum stud just in the way, so that project was cancelled. We went shopping while they worked on the trailer slideouts and got them aligned and lubricated. Now the big slideouts doesn't squeak while going in and out. Allen wanted to delay working on the front of the trailer until tomorrow when Gary would be back and they could decide on the best course of action. After testing the rear stabilizer jacks and deciding the motors needed to be replaced they were ordered. We took the trailer back to the campground in the late afternoon.

Thursday, September 16
Back to Motley's again this morning. After a conference, the front trailer repairs were begun. In total this would take most of the day before completion. In the afternoon the rear motors came in so they were installed and worked. The new front looks great and with the backing being plywood, is much more solid than the old cardboard version. It is also mounted much better, guaranteed not to come off. Here are some photos of the before, during and after repairs.   After the long day we hauled the trailer back to the campground and low and behold the right rear stabilizer jack wouldn't work. Frank thinks the problem may be with the switches.

Friday, September 17
We hauled the trailer back to the shop again and the jack failed to work the first few times we tried. More investigation. It was finally determined that one of the switches had over heated and was defective. Replacing both switches, and doing some waterproofing and the motor works fine now. We said good bye to the folks at Motley RV Repair and headed back the campground. Later in the afternoon we went to Cattleman's Cafe and had a good steak dinner.

Saturday, Septebmer 18
We were planning on leaving today but the mail we had ordered hadn't shown up yesterday so we extended one more day. The mail came so we will be on our way tomorrow. We spent the entire day relaxing, Frank searched the Internet for house listings in the Denver area while Tom worked on taxes and other paperwork. Here are some of the houses Frank separated out for us to look at.

Sunday, September 19 Todays route using Google Earth 151 miles
Fort Supply COE Campground   Fort Supply, OK Locate this campground with Google Earth $10.00 per night
We are back in a very nice Corps of Engineers campground. The Verizon service area maps indicated we would not have Internet connection here but we are connected, though a bit slow. Nice drive today. Frank had a resurgence of shingle pain on Friday, but after total rest on Saturday and more rest today it is almost gone. If he can rest a few more days then this bout will be over.
Monday, September 20 Todays route using Google Earth 175 miles
RJ's RV Park   Garden City, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $27.00 per night
It has been extremely windy today with steady 30 mph winds and gusts up to 50. We were following US highway 270 which didn't go the route we thought it did. The side trip wasn't any longer than the other highway but it did take us through the small town of Forgan, Oklahoma. The signs at either end of this small burg proclaimed it to be the home town of "Hank, the Cow Dog" a series of fun children's books about a ranch dog that thought it was the boss of the ranch. Frank had listened to some of the books a few years ago. After setting up in camp we couldn't get connected to their Internet service. We were connecting to the access point but weren't being assigned an IP address. The owner came out and reset the access point and we were able to connect. Frank later discovered the problem. (Warning! technical stuff!) Their router's DHCP server was assigning IP leases that expired 3 days before the subscription began. That was effectively making each lease permanent. As new customers came and went, the 254 available addresses were used up and they would have to reset the router to wipe the reservations clean. (I said this was technical stuff :-)
Tuesday, September 21 Todays route using Google Earth 206 miles
Shady Grove WiFi Campground   Seibert, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $18.78 per night
Still windy today but not as bad as yesterday. We are now in Colorado. When we crossed the state line Frank looked at Tom and said "Welcome Home!" The last time we were in this campground, 2 years ago, they had a tornado warning, but no tornado actually developed. Tomorrow we will be in Denver.
Wednesday, September 22 Todays route using Google Earth 146 miles
Dakota Ridge RV Park   Golden, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $47.47 per night
We are HERE! Nice drive today, but the truck traffic through the center of Denver on I 70 was a bit rough. Some road repaving in the middle of town on a mile long bridge made for quite a bouncy trip. We had some light rain in the afternoon. Frank's shingles is continuing to improve, but he has difficulty wearing a shirt.

Sunday, September 26
We have been fairly busy, but in a relaxing way. Last Thursday we took a drive up into the mountains to look at 5 houses we had picked as possible candidates. None of them were acceptable. While the new Internet house hunting is so much better than what we had 20 years ago, when we bought our house in Clifton, there is only so much you can tell from limited photos. So we continue to refine our search. On Friday we met with our real estate broker and he got a better idea of what we would like. That afternoon he set up his system to send us new listings each morning which match our search criteria. Saturday morning we received 13 new listings, 2 of which were already on our list. So Saturday we took off to view 3 more. One was in a nice location, but was in terrible shape. It looked like it had been vacant for years and was falling apart, not to mention somewhat vandalized. Another was not acceptable and the last one we missed by 200 feet. We were looking at the wrong house because we hadn't brought the photographs only the map location. We will go back to look at that one again this week. Here are a few photos of both houses and views we saw on our first 2 adventures.  

Monday, September 27
See the houses we currently have on our list to take a look at. Here are a couple of houses we saw today. None of them will work, they are either too high in elevation or the roads going to them are dirt and way too bumpy and dusty for us.  

Thursday, September 30
Just a few photos of a house we looked at today. Quite a house but it is only 200 feet from Interstate 25.