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2010 November
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Tuesday, November 2
Dakota Ridge RV Park   Golden, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $47.47 per night
Busy day at the new house. We started with the carpet cleaners, it took about 5 hours to clean all the rooms, and we forgot one small area in the climate controled storage room. The cable guy showed up to install cable, Internet and phone. He was expecting to have to spend all day replacing old cable which is very common in this area. He didn't have to replace anything, he took his time and only spent a couple of hours. We did have a bit of a glitch trying to figure where to connect the phone line so the alarm system would have first take-over of the line but a call to the previous owner helped. The current connection is temporary, Frank will change it around over the next month so we don't have a wire going across a room. Then the locksmith came and rekeyed all the locks so everything is on the same key. The carpets look wonderful. He told us this was very high grade carpet, current replacement cost would be around $35 a yard. We ended the day with dinner with our good friends Dave and Jim at Table Mountain Restaurant in Golden.
Wednesday, November 3 Todays route using Google Earth 71 miles
Air Force Academy Fam Camp   USAFA, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $18.00 per night
After going to the store, we packed up and moved the trailer south to the US Air Force Academy campground. Then we went to the house carrying some of our first batch of shopping items. Frank then went to a nearby Kaiser facility to find info on transferring his medical from Washington to Colorado. Tom spent time straightening some of the rugs that we moved around yesterday and blowing the driveway. We need to get a better blower. When Frank got back, he cleaned out the 2 built-in vacuum systems, lots of dust and dirt.

Thursday, November 4
Big day today. All the funiture got delievered and spread throughout the house. We had 204 items including loads of boxes. In the middle of all that the new washer and dryer showed up. They did a nice job of installing them but we think they forgot to leave us the instruction manual for the washer. After all thoes deleveries were complete, Tom went to the store and Frank began unpacking. We came back to the trailer in the late afternoon but forgot to bring the food Tom had bought for dinner. Oh well, Tom is good at improvising and we had a good dinner of chicken and corn. Tomorrow I will try to get some photos of the mess in the house.

Friday, November 5
We spent the day unpacking stuff. Tom did some laundry in our new washer and dryer. Basically we worked our butts off. In the late afternoon we drove to downtown Denver for a rodeo meeting, our first with CGRA. After that we stopped by the house to take a few photos before returning to the Air Force Academy and a good night's sleep.  

Saturday, November 6
More work unpacking stuff. More laundry, Tom is getting to like the new washing machine. We have the kitchen unpacked and put away but still need to organize stuff. Frank spent the day unpacking general tools, computers and electronics. The house is beginning to look like a home. Tomorrow will be another unpacking day and then on Monday we will take off for Reno Nevada for Convention. This will be our last entry until we return on November 17.