In 1988 we bought our first trailer, a 1988 Sunline Seville. Sunline went out of busness about 2005. In 1989 we sold our house in Reston and took off on what turned out to be a 2 year full timing vacation. We ended that trip in 1991 and bought a house in Clifton, Virginia. In 1993 we took a 3 month trip which is also included on these pages. Here are the logs we kept on thoes trips. These logs are essentially as we kept them (with a few columns left out).
These photos were shot in 2005 just before we sold that first trailer.

DSC_3320.JPG   226.1K DSC_3248.JPG   200.5K DSC_3255.JPG   132.1K DSC_3257.JPG   132.8K DSC_3264.JPG   133.7K DSC_3269.JPG   51.3K

Date Town State Campground Price Narrative
Locate with Google Earth 6/30/1989 Luray VA The Country Waye $12.65 Our first night after selling Chimney House. Spent all day settling with the Davis' and got to the campground about 6:30. Frank actually brought the trailer up on Wednesday.
7/1/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Worked further on organizing trailer. In the afternoon we drove to Winchester to go to Lows for parts and came back over Skyline Drive. Campground was crowded mostly tents. Installed timer on pedestal lights.
7/24/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 There were no entries between July 2 and July 25 while we were camped in Luray.
Locate with Google Earth 7/25/1989 Shenandoah Ntl. Park VA Mathews Arm $8.00 Quiet with only a few campers around. Got a site which Frank selected earlier last week while on a motorcycle ride. This is the first official night out on our tour. We met and gave a ride to 2 German friends from the Country Waye to Mathews Arm. Later we had them over for dinner. Fun trying to understand each other's language.
7/26/1989 Shenandoah Ntl. Park VA   $8.00 Hot day, rained in late afternoon. Took a hike on Traces Nature Trail this morning, about 2 miles, wore ourselves out. Ordered states map, 2 fans, and a wok for Ellie at the Country Waye from Camping World. Had the Germans (20 years old) over for dinner again.
7/27/1989 Shenandoah Ntl. Park VA   $8.00 More pleasant day than yesterday. Took 2 short bike rides which wore us out from the hills in the campground. Had dinner at Skyland. Ordered clean-out adapter for gray water tank from Camping World.
7/28/1989 Luray VA The Country Waye $12.65 Ellie appears fine. Curt is chopping wood. We are major Veggies.
7/29/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Pleasant day. We picked up the Germans at Elkwallow, brought them to The Country Waye for showers and ice cream, then took them to the bus at New Market. Curt will go to SC tomorrow, leaving Ellie in charge. Frank and Tom will assist. Frank washed the truck....much needed.
7/30/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Frank and I started the day repairing the Island's lights. Frank also wired the laundry lights to the solar cell. We had Ellie to lunch and dinner----had turkey cutlets. Frank showed videos. Heavy rains...over 1/2 inch. Day was cloudy.
7/31/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Went to Northern Va. today. Bought 6 month CD. Paid for truck insurance. Rained or misted most of the day. Bought faucet for kitchen.
8/1/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Frank installed the fans today then went looking for a water leak in the campground. Found it 4 feet down at the well head. Spent the rest of the day digging and repairing with help from Tom and Dave, another camper.
8/2/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Frank and I went to Wash DC today. Stopped at Restless Wheels, Primus, and ring place (not open), and went to see Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Good movie, but not up to the other two. Rained heavy this morning, clear this afternoon.
8/3/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Hot the nineties. Frank did a lot of work on the trailer; remoted fans to bedroom, new faucet, fixed bedroom ceiling fan. Tom did address book and cut Frank's hair and Dave's hair (in a neighboring trailer).
8/4/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Very hot day over 90. Frank installed gray water clean-out system and Tom worked on truck windows. Went to Front Royal to get parts. Campground will be crowded tonight with 40 tenters and many RVs.
8/5/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Frank got stung by a bee above the eye this morning while emptying the spa. After lunch we drove to see the covered bridge near New Market and then north to Strasburg and then down through Fort Valley. Later Curt had a problem with the spa, water was in the control box causing the ground fault breaker to trip. Had chicken tarragon for dinner.. MM MM good.
8/6/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Went up on Skyline Drive for a luncheon picnic. Pleasant on mountain but hot in the valley this morning. Last night had violent thunder storms with .67 inches of rain. More thunder storms tonight. Was invited to a German dinner by the neighbors, not very good, in fact Curt had major stomach problems and we felt badly all night.
8/7/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Cool and cloudy all day with occasional rain. This is our last full day at Luray. Installed door annunciator for campground. We went down to the office and talked to Curt and Ellie for several hours before retiring to bed.
Locate with Google Earth 8/8/1989 Gettysburg PA Drummer Boy Campground $19.25 Beautiful day, weather clear and in seventies. Should be in low fifties this evening. Campground clean, well cared for and mostly empty. Frank totally "field stripped" the toilet...some grumbling from Tom. Nice sleeping weather.
8/9/1989 Gettysburg PA   $19.25 Another beautiful day. Frank is working on the awning...a rusted knob stem broke off. Sorry...I heard an "expletive deleted". We bought some replacement parts for the awning, but still a cheap manufacturing problem.
8/10/1989 Gettysburg PA   $19.25 Toured Eisenhower Farm. Quite nice and very interesting. Washed front side of trailer. Mongolian hoards of boyscouts showed up; made some noise, but not too bad. Did not use A/C any of the three days here.
Locate with Google Earth 8/11/1989 Ephrata PA Starlite Campground $17.00 Hilly campground. Our sight seems small and congested. Had major problem on truck's right front tire...major squeaking. It turned out to be a stone near the brake drum. Picked up mail at Ephrata. Rainy...misty. Later in the evening could see the lights in valley.
8/12/1989 Ephrata PA   $17.00 This morning went to Ephrata Cloister...the sketch on the living room wall ...very interesting. Similar to Wiliamsburg....somewhat. We then went to Strasburg Railroad site. It is expanding. Then returned home to trailer work and building electrical cables. Day quite damp. We ran both the A/C and the heater to dehumidify. CW band in the pavilion tonight.
Locate with Google Earth 8/13/1989 Lewes DE Henlopen State Park Campground $12.00 Hot day today. Campground is peaceful with a nice breeze. Rest rooms and showers are clean, but have little privacy.
8/14/1989 Lewes DE   $12.00 Hot and rainy. Went to Rehobeth Beach today. French fries for lunch. Had Tom Kerns over for a drink and then went to dinner at The Lamp Post. Bought weather radio from hardware for $42.00. Dinner cost $42.00
Locate with Google Earth 8/15/1989 Perryville MD Riverside Ponderosa Pines $13.00 Light rain most of the day. We are beginning to get depressed with the weather. Site was not level front to back, causing tongue jack to be extended all the way up + more. Did laundry and bought large front mat in a hardware store in Lewes $62.00.
8/16/1989 Perryville MD   $13.00 Went to Longwood Gardens this morning, and left the gray water cleanout running for 5 hours by accident. Gardens very green and beautiful. Had oil and transmition changed at Jiffy Lube. Ordered sewer tank and other items from Camping World. Nice day today, mosty sunny high around 90. Slept very well in AC last night after 2 nights at Lewes without any.
? 8/17/1989 Palatine NJ Indian Run Family Campground $13.00 We went to Atlantic City this afternoon, where Tom used $10 to get $13. Campground is sandy with sites close together and mostly crummy looking seasonals.
Locate with Google Earth 8/18/1989 Jonestown PA Memorial Lake KOA $17.55 Long drive today. Found campground nice as before. Frank remade downlights Went for a ride to Hersey in late afternoon. They now charge to get into the Rose garden, so we didn't go in. Pleasant day today, mostly overcast and cool.
8/19/1989 Jonestown PA Jonestown KOA $17.55 Rain. We went to Indian Town Gap Military Res. store. Later drove through Hersey again where a sports car stopped in the road and backed up into the front of the truck, damaging our license plate holder and his rear end. More rain. Frank wired character generator this evening.
8/20/1989 Jonestown PA   $17.55 Went to Valley Forge today then to Hopewell Furnace Ntl. Historic Site. Very interesting. Called answering machine, much problems with noise. Pleasant day high near 75, partly cloudy no rain.
Locate with Google Earth 8/21/1989 Plattekill NY Hudson Valley KOA $22.05 Long trip today. Frank is having a problem with his back. Had sandwiches at a rest stop about 11:30. Campground is very nice, lots of trees between sites, but quite expensive. $2.50 for cable hookup.
8/22/1989 Plattekill NY   $22.05 New York City was the trip for today on a chartered bus. Very nice. How did break-dancing get started? Stealing the hubcaps off moving cars. We went to the Statue of Liberty, South Street Seaport for lunch, and The Empire State Building. Started at 7:15am finished at 6:30pm. Got packages from Camping World today.
8/23/1989 Plattekill NY   $22.05 Went to West Point Military Academy today. Nice scenery but tacky Visitors Center. Tom spent morning working on paperwork. Paid for insurance.
8/24/1989 Plattekill NY   $22.05 This morning we went to see the Vanderbilt estate. Beautiful on the Hudson River. This afternoon we went to Ice Cave Mountian. Beautiful views, but the private park was quite tacky. No ice.
Locate with Google Earth 8/25/1989 North Stonington CT Highland Orchards Resort Park $25.75 Campground is in an old apple orchard. Kind of nice but somewhat crowded. We spent most of the day moving from last night's stand to here.
8/26/1989 North Stonington CT   $23.18 We drove to see 2 of Rhode Island's public campgrounds to see if we might go to one of them tomorrow. Found 1 about the same as Highland Orchards but much less expensive, the other one is extremely nice. We will try for it tomorrow. Later toured Newport and found The Breakers with long lines. Also Mystic was charming, but massive traffic jam from draw bridge.
Locate with Google Earth 8/27/1989 Narragansett RI Fishermen's Memorial State Park $16.00 One of the best campsites we have ever had. Spent most of the day working on the trailer and truck. Pleasant high about 75 low humidity. Decided to stay here for 1 more night.
8/28/1989 Narragansett RI   $16.00 We drove to Provincetown, Mass., today and spent about 2 hours walking around. Then walked a small nature trail near Pilgrim Springs. Total round trip was 280 miles and took about 11 hours. Tomorrow we will try a military campground for the first time. Later in the evening we were visited by a cute little skunk which was looking for food.
Locate with Google Earth 8/29/1989 Fort Devens MA Robbins Pond Army Travel Camp $8.00 Not a bad site. Pleasant pond below us in a shaded site. Rained this morning and still cloudy. Later we drove through Leominster and Fitchburg, depressing. Lots of old factories. I can see why this area was called the industrial north. This is our first use of a military facility. We are told that this is the worst one around. We find it about average. (campground no longer in service Mar, 2010)
8/30/1989 Perkinsville VT Crown Point Camping Area $14.00 Beautiful campground under the tall whispering pines. Very few neighbors. Good sleeping weather. Had campfire. This site has cable TV for an extra dollar. One of the most pleasant evenings we have had on the trip.
8/31/1989 Perkinsville VT   $14.00 Another beautiful day. Went up to the top of Mount Ascutney where people hang glide from VT to the coast of NH...unbelievable. Weather and scenery were wonderful. Stopped at Ludlow hardware to buy supplies. Frank worked on his patch panel for the electronics. Bought cable for pedestal lights.
9/1/1989 Gorham NH Timberland Camping Area $16.40 Washed 3 sides of trailer this morning before leaving. Not a bad day until about 30 miles from Gorham, when it started to rain. Had to set up in the rain and after unhooking trailer found the wrong kind of plug had been installed at site yesterday by an electrician. We had to move to site 23 from 22.
9/2/1989 Gorham NH   $14.40 Rain has stopped. Another wonderful fall...ish day. Lunch was too large ...we both felt stuffed. Went for long drive into NH, ME, NH, ME, NH, on a winding mountain road, then back to the trailer for light suppers.
9/3/1989 Gorham NH   $14.40 Today we went up the Mount Washington Cog Railway ($64). It was in the high 60's down here, but was 32 degrees on top with wind gusts of 70 mph. Later drove through Franconia Notch. Major traffic jam through Conway. We avoided it by going over a small steep narrow twisting road into Maine. Cool last night near 40. Expect same tonight.
9/4/1989 Gorham NH   $14.40 Today we retraced some of our routes from yesterday. The traffic was better today. Stopped at several nice locations, The Old Man Of The Mountian, The Basin, and Sabbaday Falls. Had a salad lunch at the falls. Last night finished tape to mother. Also bought several cards at the foot of Mount Washington.
9/5/1989 Skowhegan ME Two Rivers Campground $13.53 Very pleasant campground on a nice river. Frank built shelf for VHSc tapes this evening and hooked up water filter for testing. Sent letters and postcards this morning. Mailed tape to mother. Bought postage stamps for $26.00, and predated mailing packages for video tapes. Finally found a Torx 40 driver bit to fix the truck mirror.
9/6/1989 Salsbury Cove ME Mount Desert Narrows Camping Resort $21.40 Campground is nice, but those with sewer connections are a major hurt. Too close together, too short, view. Some sights on the ocean are nice. Have decided to move to another campground on Friday. Weather is nice.... sunny and cool.
9/7/1989 Salsbury Cove ME   $21.40 Slept very well last night. This morning went to Jordan Pond House and met Scott and Molly. Hamburgers for lunch on our new grill. Went to Ellsworth to do laundry, and bought some jams from local outlet. Later in the evening we went to Bar Harbor and walked around until about 8:30. Called Scott and arranged for him to come over tomorrow evening for a beer.
9/8/1989 Town Hill ME Barcadia Tent and Trailer Grounds $17.00 We moved the trailer two miles to a better campground. We selected a beautiful site on the bay. Gorgeous view, tides coming in and out. We went to pick up the mail in Seal Harbor...we were lucky, it was earlier than expected. Then went bicycling on a carriage road on the Island. The hills almost did us in. Scott stopped by for a beer; Molly had pean
9/9/1989 Town Hill ME   $17.00 Began the day with fog. Cleared by 11:00 and we had a gorgeous day. We drove all over the Island during the afternoon, seeing Southwest, and Northeast Harbors, Seal Harbor, Seal Cove, Bass Harbor, Bernard, Manset, and others. Dumped the gray water tank for the first time using the new blue wastetank. Sqectacular sunset over Blue Hill.
9/10/1989 Town Hill ME   $17.00 Hazy. Frank went with Scott today visiting Jordan Pond House, and several very rich estates. Tom went to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor to shop. Had Scott over for breakfast. Later in the evening empted portable sewer tank, which had too much in it. Called Mother.
9/11/1989 Town Hill ME   $15.00 Today we drove 195 miles on a tour of the coast. First, got oil changed then through Bangor, Orono, Old Town and east on route 9 to Aurora. Looked at Dow Pines AFB campground, on to route 193 near Scotts cabin on Pleasant River Lake, down to Scoodic Point, beautiful surf on the rocks, checked out Navy Campground at Schoodic, and back home. Off season rates to
9/12/1989 Town Hill ME   $15.00 Drained all holding tanks with the blue portable tank for the first time. It worked well. Did laundry, then went to Bar Harbor to walk around the town. Walked the sand bar over to Bar Island during low tides. Found "Mr. Moose". Frank videoed a group of seals in the bay this evening. A beautiful sunset over Blue Hill.
9/13/1989 Town Hill ME   $15.00 Again a beautiful clear day. Today has been a relaxing, slow day. We washed the truck this morning...last wash was Luray, Va. Then went shopping in Ellsworth. Prices are expensive here. But they shouldn't be. Frank is taking time-lapsed photos with video camera. We are listening to older type piano CD's we got today. Quite nice!
9/14/1989 Town Hill ME   $ Tonight was the seventh night and therefore is free in the campground. We drove to Blue Hill and then did some shopping in Ellsworth. Kind of a leisure day. Tom made a chocolate and a pumkin pie. Frank rewired the flag's lighting. Scott dropped by after work.
9/15/1989 Town Hill ME   $15.00 It rained most of the night...1.63 inches. Ground fault breaker tripped a power outage this morning. Easily fixed. Drove to top of Cadillac Mountain this afternoon, foggy on top but nice views from 2/3 way up. Scott dropped by about 5:15 with Daniel. Frank will go with Scott again tomorrow.
9/16/1989 Town Hill ME   $15.00 Today Frank went with Scott and worked at Jordan Pond all day. Tom cleaned trailer, did laundry, and went to see Sally for about 45 minutes. Scott stayed at the trailer for a couple of hours this evening and we all talked It is supposed to rain again tomorrow so we packed most of the outside things away this evening.
9/17/1989 Eastport ME The Seaview $16.05 Today we moved from Bar Harbor to Eastport, Maine. This town is almost on the 45th parallel - half way between the Equator and the North Pole. Amazing. We are also setting in the living room looking out at a 26 foot tidal fall and the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere. Again amazing. The towns nearby look "cannery" and depressing.
9/18/1989 Eastport ME   $16.05 This morning we took our first trip into Canada...Campobello. No problems with Customs. Had lunch on West Quoddy Head State Park...on the easternmost picnic table of the United States, on the easternmost point of the United States. Dabled around trailer this afternoon. Cool this evening.
9/19/1989 Medway ME Katahdin Area Camping $13.49 Interesting drive today. Rt. 1 was very rural, nothing but trees. Worked around trailer most of the morning until about 12:00 noon. The tides were around 25 feet. Got to Medway and stoped at post office for mail.
9/20/1989 Medway ME   $13.49 Rain. Frank had problems with his back last night. This morning we drove to the entrance of Baxter St. Park. We will return tomorrow. Started ATT account. This place has beautiful, large multi colored friendly rabbits all over the campground.
9/21/1989 Medway ME   $13.49 Beautiful day today. We drove through Baxter State Park, and saw a moose. Had a picnic lunch at a nice table with a view. Returned via the private Golden Road, belonging to the Great Northern Paper Co. When we got back to the trailer, dinner in the crock pot had not cooked at all. Apparently a power failure this morning had tripped a breaker.
9/22/1989 Presque Isle ME Neil E Michaud Campground $13.00 The day started off with drizzle, fog and knats. Stopped at Houlton where US 1 and US 2 intersect. After setting up camp we drove through Presque Isle, Caribou and on to Loring A.F.B.. Still cloudy tonight, but nice cool breeze. We are awaiting the rain from the remnants of hurricane Hugo. Did a quick wash job on the truck and trailer to wipe off the road mud.
9/23/1989 Eagle Lake ME Clover Hill Lodge $9.68 Had a gusty drive here today. Hugo's winds and temperature are here. At noon it was almost eighty with forty plus winds. Camped on beautiful Eagle Lake. During night temperature dropped to 42 degrees. Still heavy winds. We also decided that all cash entries into database made in Canada will be converted to American equivalent first.
9/24/1989 Saint-Alexandre QE Riviere-Du-Loup KOA $11.96 Gusty winds today, high about 58. Tonight it may get below freezing. Spectacular scenery today with clear cool air. Crossed over the Canadian border with little trouble. It did help to have the contents of the trailer inventoried. This campground is right on the Trans-Canadian Highway and next to the St. Lawrence Seaway.
9/25/1989 Quebec City QE Camping Imperial $13.94 Nice day but still breezy. Most of the trip was spent traveling beside the St. Lawrence Seaway. It looked like a very large lake with huge mountains on the other side. Many farms. Except for the water this could be somewhere in the American midwest. Found the campground quite nice, but kind of crowded.
9/26/1989 Quebec City QE   $13.94 Today we took a bus tour of Quebec City. We visited the Old City of Quebec to include Parliament, the Citadel, Plains of Abraham, the oldest shopping area in North America, where Jacques Cartier visited in 1535..prior to Jamestown....Montmomercy, a waterfalls 1.5 times higher than Niagara, saw a 350 year old girl's school and the oldest college in N.A., plus S
9/27/1989 Eustis ME Cathedral Pines Camp Ground $12.84 Beautiful scenery all day today. We had no trouble getting back through Customs. This is the campground recommeded by Scott. We are under the tall virgin red pines right above the lake. Canadian geese are landing on their way south. The loons are diving below the water for fish. Mountians and purple clouds reflect in the water. National Geographic cover mater
9/28/1989 Eustis ME   $12.84 Worked on trailer most of the morning. Installed VCR in back of truck for a trial peirod. Drove to top of Eustis ridge this afternoon. Could see about 100 miles. Fixed leak in water tank. Then sat on the bank and watched the geese and herons. Cloudy today but pleasant. Went for a short bike ride. Last night got down to 34. The nearest camper 500 feet aw
9/29/1989 Eustis ME   $12.84 Our campsite was reserved for the day; therefore, we moved to site 25. Beautiful site. Worked on trailer lights and wrote postcards. Went for a ride to Kingfield, then returned to a steak dinner. Transcribing a Star Trek the Next Generation video. Good day, but now raining. Tomorrow we must move on. Pity. This is nice.
9/30/1989 Errol NH Log Haven Campground $16.00 Very nice scenery today. Campground is a dive. Mostly tacky seasonals. Seems even worse because of the beautiful campground we left this morning. Drove through Dixville Notch to Kidderville, this afternoon. Most of the trees in the notch have already lost their leaves.
10/1/1989 Westmore VT Will-O-Wood Campground $12.60 More beautiful scenery today. We left last night's campground as soon as we could. After setting up we drove to Hardwick and St. Johnsbury. Very scenic. This campground is gorgeous, has good potential.
10/2/1989 Shelburne VT Shelburne Camping Area $16.42 Nice scenery today, but cloudy. Drizzle started about midmorning with on and off rain rest of day. This campground is pleasant. Made plans for the rest of the week. Disposed of green rug and 2nd BBQ grill this morning.
10/3/1989 Shelburne VT   $16.42 Today we drove through the northern section of the Green Mountian National Forest. The trees are about at their peak for this year. Even though it rained on and off most of the day the trip was still beautiful. I think most of the rain was caused by the mountians themselves. Had sub type sandwiches which we got from a little country store. Bad. Really Ba
10/4/1989 Shelburne VT   $15.92 This morning toured Shelburne Farms. A working dairy and cheese farm of Lila Vanderbilt. Beautiful. Then went to Ben & Jerrys' Ice Cream Factory Delicious. Tom got his first 2 rolls of print film developed. Tried Ben & Jerrys' chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Interesting.
10/5/1989 Wilmington NY Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountian KOA $17.10 Nice scenery today. Tall mountains, rushing streams, fall colors. This afternoon we walked around campground. Took campground trail and saw "the Flume". A river about the size of Bull Run, rushing through a chasm 5 feet wide. The trail was better than walking on a road, but could stand much improvement.
10/6/1989 Wilmington NY   $17.10 Drove to Platsburg AFB today. Stopped at Austable Chasm. Lots of water. Drizzeled on and off most of the day. The trees are about at their peak around here.
10/7/1989 Wilmington NY   $17.10 A 180 mile trip through the colorful Adirondak mountains. Rained last night, mostly cloudy today. Found some glazed donuts without artificial coloring. Had lunch at an old hotel, hamburgers were terrible and expensive.
10/8/1989 Old Forge NY Old Forge KOA $15.75 Rain, snow, and sleet today. This campground has kind of tacky facilities, but nice lake. Frank worked on video cables today, while Tom did laundry and cleaned trailer. Bought replacement cloth cooler today at an interesting hardware which had everything, including sassafrass tea.
10/9/1989 Watkins Glen NY Watkins Glen - Corning KOA Kampground $17.10 Cold morning. Temperature near freezing. Saw a snow squall this morning. Beautiful clouds. Drove out of the Adirondaks to Watkins Glen today. About 190 miles. Had our choice of sites. Made a very nice campfire.
10/10/1989 Bellefonte PA KOA - Bellefonte $18.00 Weather is beautiful, but cool. Last night temperature got down to 30 degrees and the water faucet froze. Today we drove to the center of PA, enroute to Fallingwater - Frank Loyd Wright's house. Rain tonight suspposed to clear tomorrow morining.
10/11/1989 Donegal PA Laurel Highlands Campland inc. $13.98 Nice day today. High about 60, sunny. This campground looks like an RV storage yard. No trees, parking lot look. Only about 6 campers here today, 265 sites. We are told that they will be full this weekend. Drove to Summerset about 25 miles, trying to find a Jiffy Lube, no luck.
10/12/1989 Donegal PA   $13.98 Today we went to Ohiopyle, to see Frank Loyd Wright's Fallingwater. A beautiful house built for Edward J. Kaufmann, Pittsburg department store owner. Beautiful design of poured concrete, overhanging a lovely waterfall. This is Tom's birthday. In the evening we had dinner at the Brass Duck. Fancy restaurant. Tomorrow we go on diets.
10/13/1989 Wheeling WV Dallas Pike Campground $12.72 Today we moved from Donegal to Wheeling. This is our token stop so the trailer gets credit for West Virginia. We toured Wheeling, then drove back into PA to shop in Washington, PA. Tom repaired the computer's handle. Frank is editing video tapes. Tomorrow we plan on entering Ohio.
10/14/1989 Manchester OH Baughman Family Campground Arrived at Tom's sisters house about 3:00. While setting up the left rear leveling jack broke. Will have to wait until another campground to get under trailer to find out what happened. Talked with Pat for several hours, saw Brad and his daughter Sarah. Later got takeout chicken from Belgrade's.
10/15/1989 Manchester OH   Mostly stayed around the house talking with family. Had good lunch. Brad, Sarah, Jay, Ron were here. Drove around Akron in the morning. Frank worked on keeping the stereo components in place with brackets.
10/16/1989 Manchester OH   Frank, with a lot of help from Tom, spent most of the afternoon installing 4 extra tv outlets in Pat's house. In the morning we went driving around Akron, picked up mail, had oil changed, went to the mall, and had lunch at Swenson's, an interesting hamburger place where bus boys run to your car to take orders. Empted blue tank into Pats cellar sump pump. Lots o
10/17/1989 Ypsilanti MI Detroit-Greenfield KOA $18.90 Rain and drizzle most of the day. We were going to stay at a KOA near Lemoyne, Ohio (Not Lemoyne, Maine); however the person behind the counter was so occupied in conversation with a friend, we left and came here near Detroit. Tom cooked Orange Roughy stuffed with crabmeat for dinner. Wonderful. It is supposed to get down to 35 tonight.
10/18/1989 Ypsilanti MI   $18.90 Went to Camping World this morning, bought about $87 worth of items. Spent most of the afternoon working on trailer and resting. Getting cold. Found out what broke on the rear levelers. It was the most important part, the one that drives the screw.
10/19/1989 Ypsilanti MI   $18.90 Snow. Last night and most of the day today. Changing to rain in late afternoon. This morning we went to Camping World and got 2nd power twins leveler, and roof vent covers. On the way there, the roads were so bad we decided to stay another night until weather improved.
10/20/1989 Elkhart IN Elkhart Campground $15.54 Today was overcast and we moved from the Detroit area to northern Indiana. As we drove south, we found the snowfall had been heavier in the south. This campground had about 9 inches of snow. The furnace is acting up so we'll have to look at it. Used both electric heaters last night.
10/21/1989 Elkhart IN   $15.54 Today was overcast and rainy again, but we had several rainbows. We visited Indiana Dunes and did some shopping. Frank repaired the furnace and we both feel better. TV tonight had Star Trek the Next Generation, which we miss. Where is our cable?
10/22/1989 Elkhart IN   $15.54 Today was sunny and pleasant. Got down to 29 last night. Spent most of the day working on trailer. Installed vent covers, and new rear levelers. Fixed shower leak. Later in afternoon drove about 50 miles looking at the Indiana country side. Tom fixed meatballs for lunch. I thought they were good, but Tom had heartburn from them.
10/23/1989 Elkhart IN   $15.54 Another nice day. Went on a plant tour for Jayco RV Company. Their technique is similiar to Sunline. We didn't like their floor plans much and their interiors lack warmth. We're still glad we picked Sunline.
10/24/1989 Joliet IL Martin Camper Park $13.50 Today we headed into Illinois, and around the south end of Chicago. Traffic started off light, but got very heavy near the town. First campground we looked at was next to a landfill, phew. Second was a slum. So we went to this one right next to I 80, noisy. Called Peggy & Allen this evening, will see them in two days.
10/25/1989 Zion IL Illinois Beach State Park $9.00 We drove from Joliet to northern Illinois. In fact we are on Lake Michigan near the Illinois and Wisconsin border. Campground is very nice and almost deserted. Sunny and mild which is surprising for late October. During the night, we had a large skunk as a visitor. He tore open the plastic garbage bag, but found little to eat. Sorry skunk!
10/26/1989 Zion IL   $9.00 Drove to visit Peggy and Allen today, via Sheriden drive, a long winding street that goes down to Chicigo. Went to a Greek restaurant for dinner. back to trailer about 11:30. Also visited Baha'i house of worship. Beautiful domed, multi-religion, mosque-looking church.
10/27/1989 Dodgeville WI Gov. Dodge State Park, Twin Valley CG $17.75 Drove into Wisconsin today, very windy. Initial feeling about campground is poor. Had dinner at an A&W rootbeer drive in.
10/28/1989 Dodgeville WI   $17.75 House on the Rock this morning. Even more mind boggling than 5 years ago. Drove to the Dells afterwards, disappointing. A continious string of tourest traps. Nice country drive home. Campground looks better today. Started walking this morning. Walked for 32 minutes.
10/29/1989 Galena IL Palace Motel & Campground $12.00 Some light rain today. Another parking lot campground. Most of the full hookups are seasonal. People in office wouldn't answer door. Later had to go to hotel office 1/2 mile away to register. Drove through Galena (home of President Grant) in late afternoon. This morning visited Taliesin, Frank Loyd Wright's school and home. Saw a working steam locomotive
10/30/1989 Savanna IL Mississippi Palisades State Park $9.00 Rain all day. Nice park, much like Illinois beach. Didn't walk this morning because of rain. Walked downtown Savanna this evening.
10/31/1989 Davenport IA West Lake County Park Campground $7.00 Nice day today. Drive was easy. Clearing skys. Pleasant campground, only 3 other campers. They may have to turn off the water Friday, but we will be gone before then. Supposed to get down to 30 tonight. Got mail this afternoon and opened a 50% off flyer from Rain Wise. That gave us 15 minutes to decide to call for Weather Station. Sale ends at 5pm Oct
11/1/1989 Davenport IA   $7.00 Only got down to 38 last night. Today we went to the Amana Colonies, yes that is where the refrigerators come from, and ate at a German restaurant Toured some shops. Also went to Herbert Hoover's birthplace. Drove around Davenport this evening and Tom showed me where he lived in early 70s.
11/2/1989 Davenport IA   $7.00 Frank and Marilou stopped by to see the trailer. That was a nice visit. Then Frank and I drove around Davenport, toured Lock and Dam 15 on the Mississippi River, visited Browning's Museum which was full of cannon and all types of guns and rifles, visited a Confederate cemetery and toured Rock Island. Had dinner with Marilou and Mary Frances. Good visit.
11/3/1989 Edinburg IL Sangchris Lake State Park $8.00 Today we moved from Davenport, Iowa to Springfield, IL. Trip was long and the park was difficult to find. There was an error in the campground guide as to where the park was exactly. We eventually found it. It really is quite pretty, but a water hookup would be nice. Bought Christmas Bells today at $104.99.
11/4/1989 Edinburg IL $8.00 Today we visited Abraham Lincoln's home and tomb. The home was well maintained and restored. Very nice. The tomb was impressive also. This afternoon we worked on the trailer and truck, as well as made the second general letter for mailing. The weather was warmer today. Hooked up trailer and towed to park office to get water.
11/5/1989 Troy MO Cuivre River State Park $6.00 This campground is busier than last night with about 10 campers. No water at the sites, but available near campground. Started a new can of grease on the hitch this morning. Very windy today. High 75.
11/6/1989 Troy MO   $6.00 Went to St. Louis today. Visited the Botanical Gardens. Not many flowers, but still pretty. Drove to the Arch and had trouble finding parking place. Met a campground stray dog. Beautiful part German Shepherd. Hungry. Fed him and made a friend for life. See video tape T16 near end. Had lunch at Ragazzi's Italian restaurant. Frank had major problems with meatbal
11/7/1989 Bonne Terre MO St. Francois State Park $5.00 Made large bran muffins this morning. Also made a large meatloaf for the stray dog. Got no complaints from him. When we left the campground, the dog started following us. It was a very sad day for all three of us.
11/8/1989 Calvert City KY KOA-KY Lake Dam/Paducah $14.85 We are camping near Kentucky Lake in a KOA. The drive today was nice. Tried to clean out the black water holding tank and think Tom ruptured the tank. We'll have to see. Frank is working on small projects. Weather is cloudy. (For the first time, Tom drove almost the entire way, 150 miles) Sent mail order jellies to Ellie.
11/9/1989 Cave City KY Holiday Park Campground $10.00 Nice weather and good roads today. Will see Mammoth Cave tomorrow. Set up camp and then went to Camping World in Bowling Green, KY. Read some about the cave's history. Over 330 miles have been explored so far and that is not the end.
11/10/1989 Mammoth Cave Ntl. Park KY Headquarters Campground $6.00 Went on the half day tour today. Started at 12:00, bus trip took us to the Carmichael entrance. The tour covered 4 miles and took 4 hours. Fascinating. This cave has over 330 miles of passageways. We will take the Lantern tour tomorrow. No lights, just lanterns.
11/11/1989 Mammoth Cave Ntl. Park KY   $6.00 The Lantern Tour for today, 3 miles. The first 1/2 mile covered areas of the Historic Tour we will take tomorrow, then the lights ran out and we had to carry kerosene lanterns. Spooky. That is the way all tours were, from around 1800 until the 1950s. Bought some more Christmas decorations this evening. Tom's legs are hurting.
11/12/1989 Mammoth Cave Ntl. Park KY   $6.00 Decided to stay another night. This morning took the Historic tour. Included some of yesterday's Lantern Tour route. Some different lighting. Went through Fat Man's Misery, narrowest where we were widest, 14 inches at hips, 6 feet at shoulder level. Ate a delicious meal at the park restaurant. Turkey, Rib eye, sweet potatoes made w/pecans & brown s
11/13/1989 London KY Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park $10.00 This is not a very good campground for a public park. Poorly layed out, a long trailer can't get into most of the sites, because of trees right on the pavement edge. No level sites some of them are as much as 5 feet off from end to end. If this is an example of Kentucky parks, they can have them. We have stayed in poorer campgrounds, but they were private.
11/14/1989 Gatlinburg TN Le Conte Vista Trailer Park $13.56 This is not a very nice campground. Cable didn't work either. Rain today. We went into Gatlinburg for dinner, and bought Christmas presents for Mother and Aunt Lib. Gatlinburg was almost deserted.
11/15/1989 Wytheville VA KOA $15.05 We are in a KOA whose sites are the closest together that we have seen since parking the trailer at the Reston boatyard. Wow. The day has been good, but the rain has made driving a little tough. We will try to call Jay this evening and visit Lynchburg tomorrow. Day is fine, but skies look like more rain.
11/16/1989 Luray VA The Country Waye $12.65 We were going to stay at Otter Peaks campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but forecasts indicated that it might snow, so we drove through to Luray. Very clear today beautiful mountains. Found Curt and Ellie in good spirits As nice as always.
11/17/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Installed the new weather station this morning while Tom cleaned the kitchen. This afternoon was spent with Curt and Ellie visiting. Watched videos and talked until 5:00. Got down to 31 last night.
11/18/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Worked on trailer most of the day, Frank helped Curt install hookup between his new motorhome and tow car. Washed truck in afternoon (cold). Had a spaghetti dinner at Ellie's house. Drove to Panorama and called the answering machine from car phone.
11/19/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today, Frank spent most of the day writing on the computer. He wrote an article on the proper manner in which to use a camcorder. The article is partially complete. Tom caught up with reading. Later we drove into town, visited Ellie and Curt. Today we bought and viewed Batman. It is a good movie.
11/20/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today, we returned to Reston and Northern Virginia. We got a lot of things accomplished. Several bank visits, a tour of the old neighborhood, Paul's video for repair (which looks hopefull), Ft Belvoir and return to Luray. We will host the campground hosts for tomorrow we will have to shop. Got oil changed.
11/21/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today, we got new front tires for the truck and placed the front ones on the rear. Winds last night were very strong. Maximum wind speed hit 72 miles per hour and the trailer rocked. Later we went to visit friends of Ellie's and Curt's, then to visit Ingrid and Dave. Tonight Frank is decorating for Christmas. May snow tomorrow.
11/22/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today went to No. Va. Dental appointments, visited RA, and other items. Brought Ellie and Curt some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Snow has started. Supposed to get 3 to 8 inches tonight. Had to make sure all water faucets in campground was dripping to keep them from freezing.
11/23/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today we cooked in the trailer and made a Thanksgiving meal for Curt and Ellie. It took quite some time to cook the pies and then the turkey, but the trailer's oven did well. All of us ate too usual. It got down in the teen's overnight. Had to be careful not to let the pipes freeze.
11/24/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 We began the day by straightening the trailer and then refilling the propane tank on the trailer. Went grocery shopping for small items. Frank will call on his VCRs in the shop. Hopefully, they will be ready.
11/25/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 Today we spent the day cleaning the trailer and the back of the truck. went to the store...naturally. Kinda of a slow, leisurely day. Tomorrow will help Curt close the campground down. Made an appointment at Restless Wheels to have the furnance worked on Monday morning. Hope that goes well.
11/26/1989 Luray VA   $12.65 This morning we did laundry and washed the trailer. Frank helped Curt drain the water pipes of the campground so that they would not freeze during the winter. We bought new foam for the mattress. Later we had pizza as the last picnic outside this year at The Country Waye. Frank helped Curt close the rest of the system down.
11/27/1989 Lorton VA Pohick Bay Regional Park $11.50 Moved to Northern Virginia to visit with Frank's family. All are planned to visit tomorrow. Stopped at Restless Wheels to have the furnance worked on. They did their best. Hope the brazing works. We need to get a new part for the furnance and have it installed. A siren went off at 4:30 AM in the Maint. Shop. Called police, but fire company came. Oophs.
11/28/1989 Lorton VA   $11.50 This morning we went to Arlington to see the VCRs. They appear to work well. At least we hope so. Went to Ft Belvoir next. Then worked in the kitchen and the trailer installing the VCRs and working on the air tank. I think Frank fixed it. Will have Frank's family to dinner tonight in the trailer. Had 9 people show up including us. Another oops.
11/29/1989 Shenandoah Ntl. Park VA Big Meddows $8.00 Last night was crowded, we had 9 people for dinner, the trailer is crowded with 2. Somewhat windy today, Tim and his girlfrend came up for the night, we had to put them up at Skyland. Dinner at Skyland. Campground is under repair, and all the good sites are closed.
11/30/1989 Petersburg VA Picture Lake Campground $14.85 Not a bad campground, but management is a bit lacking. Left Big Meadows about 1:00, got here at 4:00. Last night got down to 20 and waste tanks froze. Couldn't drain at Big Meadows, so carried them all day.
12/1/1989 Henderson NC C.J. Cooper; Kerr Lake State Park $6.00 Nice campground. Sites spread out within view of lake. No water, that has been turned off. Water is available at dump station. This would be a beautiful site for a 3 or 4 day stay if we had water at site.
12/2/1989 Enfield NC Enfield/Rocky Mount KOA $17.10 Pleasant campground. Visited Aunt Lib today. Showed her trailer and some videos, had lunch at her house. Corn pudding, biscuits, meat loaf, cole slaw, and peacan pie. Delicious.
12/3/1989 Enfield NC   $17.10 Today we visited Rocky Mount. Had lunch at Bob Melton' good as usual. Then we went to the movie "Back to the Future - Part II". It was interesting, and it also advertised Part III to be shown next summer.
12/4/1989 Goldsboro NC Seymour Johnson AFB Fam-Camp $6.00 Got here early this morning. Drove to see Cliffs of the Nuse State Park. Quite pretty.
12/5/1989 Camp Lejeune USMC Base NC Onslow Beach $6.00 More open than last night. Each RV site has a little lean-to over the picnic table. We are camped within 200 feet of the intercoastal waterway. During the evening huge marine helicoptors were flying overhead and the trailer shook from the artillery close by. They stopped about 10:30 PM. On our other side, we are about 500 feet from the ocean. Got mail t
12/6/1989 Wilmington NC Camelot Campground $17.10 After getting set up, we drove to the USS North Carolina Battleship. Very interesting. The self-guided tour took us about 3 hours. This campground charges its campers an extra $1.00 to use the dump station. Strange and cheap.
12/7/1989 Myrtle Beach SC Ocean Lakes Family Campground $11.76 Today we left Wilmington and traveled to Moores Creek National Battelfield. Very interesting...this is NC's equivalent of Lexington & Concord. Then we drove to a campground on Myrtle Beach. Hurricane damage is beginning to show. Hugo winds hit this campground at 115 MPH. Our site is right on the ocean. Sand everywhere.
12/8/1989 Myrtle Beach SC   $11.76 Today we visited Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, and drove around the City of Myrtle Beach. Frank worked on the electronic equipment and Tom did laundry. Oophs, we had a leak in the kitchen ceiling after about a two inch rainfall. We need to repair that soon.
12/9/1989 Myrtle Beach SC   $11.76 Went to Camping World this morning. Bought a water pressure regulator, a sun visor, and a quick disconnect for the BBQ grill. Went to tour other areas with Hugo damage. Decided to stay another day hoping the weather improves. Rain here, heavy snow to the north...even Washington has snow.
12/10/1989 Edisto Beach SC Edisto Beach State Park $10.00 Cleaned off trailer this morning after 3 days of rain and sand. Met Curt and Ellie at Edisto Beach. Beautiful campground. We could have a slightly better site, but this one is quite nice. We are overlooking a large marsh land with all of its water fowl.
12/11/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 Had Ellie & Curt over for breakfast of waffles and sausages. Later in morning we all went for a long walk on beach searching for shark's teath. Worked on their motorhome repairing antenna in the afternoon. We went over to Curt and Ellie's for dinner of shrimp, tomatoes, and biscuits.
12/12/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 Today Curt drove us to Charleston and showed us around. We stopped at Fort Moultrie, Isle of Palms and saw what is left of the marina they owned. Looked around at much of the devastation left by Hurricane Hugo. Had lunch at McDonalds. Had them over for dinner of hamburgers and tater rounds.
12/13/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 Today we prepared and mailed our Christmas cards. Then we drove to Charleston to visit the Citadel Mall. A nice place, but little different than Tysons or Springfield Mall. Had a quiet dinner, then fed the wild cats with the leftover roast beef. They seemed to like it.
12/14/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 This morning we went to Patriot's Park in Charleston. There we went on board the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier; the nuclear cargo ship Savannah; the destroyer Laffey; and the submarine Clamagore. Later we toured Ft Moultrie again. Then returned to the campground.
12/15/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 Today we stayed around the campground; did laundry; and worked on the trailer. We found out that we needed a new captive air tank, so we drove to Charleston to get one. Walked on the beach and made a large platter of shrimp for dinner. Very pleasant day.
12/16/1989 Edisto Beach SC   $10.00 Went to Charleston for the last time and got plumbing parts from an RV dealer. Frank finished water system, while Tom walked on beach. Tried to buy some more shrimp, but fish place was closed.
12/17/1989 Savannah GA Bellaire Woods Campground $14.85 Left Edisto Beach early, about 9:00. Couldn't turn off water. Washer went bad. After setting up and having lunch, we drove through Savannah to Fort Pulaski, Ntl. Historic Site. Fascinating how this pre-civil war fort was built to float on top of the swamp. This evening changed the message on the answering machine.
12/18/1989 Warner Robins GA Robins AFB. Fam Camp $6.00 This is the nicest military campground we have stayed at so far. Even with the rain. It rained all day today. Went to a shopping mall in the evening. Crowded.
12/19/1989 Warner Robins GA   $6.00 Today the rain was very we decided to remain on the Air Force Base another day. We hit the BX, and commissary this morning. Then we toured the town of Warner-Robins, GA. Later we visited the AF Museum here on base.
12/20/1989 Pine Mountain GA FDR State Park $8.00 Today we moved to FDR State Park so that we could visit the summer White House where FDR used to come for warm spa baths in an effort to cure or help his polio. We visited his house. The campground is very nice. Our plan is to visit Callaway Gardens, then head south before the weather turns too cold...tomorrow night. Burr.
12/21/1989 Ashburn GA Quality Inn Campground $6.90 Stopped at Plains, Georgia, visited the Jimmy Carter Ntl. Monument. The Visitor Center is located in an old railroad station where the campaign headquarters was, later toured Andersonville, the Civil War prison site. Got mail at Andersonville. This campground is interesting. Part of a motel. We are right next to Interstate 75.
12/22/1989 St Augustine FL Ocean Grove $19.44 Drove to the area where we are officially registered to live, St Augustine but this does not feel like "home". It is supposed to snow here tonight, but the temperature is in the high thirties. Went to a mall, then stayed in the is cold.
12/23/1989 St Augustine FL   $19.44 It did not snow here, but the temperature is droping. It was 39 this morning, now at noon it is 28 and sleeting. Did laundry and cleaned the carpet today with a steam cleaner. All the roads are frozen over and closed, we can't drive anywhere. We are bored.
12/24/1989 Bulow FL KOA-Daytona North $19.44 We moved south after receiving our mail and learning the bad news that the mail forwarding service is going out of business. We had an easy drive today. This KOA campground is pretty. Today we called Pat and Jim McLeish and Tom's sister Pat.
12/25/1989 Bradenton FL Winter Quarters-Manatee $16.68 After opening Christmas presents, we started off to find the campground where Curt and Ellie should be tonight. Frank made a mistake in distance, he thought it would be about 150 miles; it turned out to be 184. Got here about 5:00. Well maintained campground; however looks like a parking lot.
12/26/1989 Bradenton FL   $16.68 After visiting with Curt and Ellie, bought new sewer hoses (brown) and installed. Drove to Sarasota to try and find Grandma Harrell's old house. The traffic was terrible, worse than Tyson's Corner during rush hour. Didn't find house. Had oil changed in truck.
12/27/1989 Bradenton FL   $16.68 Drove to Sanibel Island today. Nice looking place, but traffic was horrible. Visited Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge on the island. Saw many birds and several alligators ranging in size from 2 feet to 12 feet. Stoppped at Camping World in Fort Myers, Fl. Bought mercerator pump for sewer.
12/28/1989 Avon Park FL Avon Park Recreation Aera Famcamp $9.00 Best built of the military parks we have stayed at, but right on the only road into the base. Big trucks all night. The weather is now quite nice, clear with highs around 70 lows in mid 40s. Started on the change of address letters tonight.
12/29/1989 Christmas FL Christmas Airstream Park $14.30 Finished address change work and mailed them at Avon Park. Heavy traffic today. Pleasant park owners. We decided to take a site in the rear with no sewer because the full hookups were too close together. They allow you to run gray water on ground here. Drove into Titusville just before dark and saw the hotel where we stayed December 31, 1986.
12/30/1989 Christmas FL   $14.30 This morning we drove to Titusville trying to find a print shop to make new address labels, no luck. Then went to the Kennedy Space Center. The crowds were awful, so we just looked around. Went through an exibit about satellits, then sat through a very interesting live lecture about the present shuttle mission.
12/31/1989 Chiefland FL Manatee Springs State Park $10.60 Nice park. Heavily wooded and we are looking into a pond type spring with blue-green waters. No telling how deep it is. Scuba divers are down there taking pictures. Lots of fish and birds. I think that this is one of the places that Jacque Costeau did one of his specials at. We are way down upon the Swanee River, or just 1000 feet from it.

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