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Thursday, October 1
Arch View RV Resort   Moab, UT   Locate this campground with Google Earth $31.33 per night
We're still in the same campground. Today we started off with a day long visit to Arches National Park.   In the evening we went to the Bar M Chuckwagon for an evening of good cowboy food and cowboy music.   Then we returned to the park so Frank could shoot some night time photos of some of the beautiful sandstone cliffs.  
Friday, October 2 Todays route using Google Earth
Junction West RV Park   Grand Junction, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $34.80 per night
We were going to stay in Moab for another day but we would have to move the trailer to a different site so we moved on instead. We had intended to move south east and stay at a dude ranch for horse back riding, but we found they had closed for the season so we headed north east to Grand Junction.

Saturday, October 3
Today was a work and rest-up day for both of us. Tom did some laundry, Frank prepared a newsletter for his rodeo association and we watched the last episode of Ken Burns National Park program.

Sunday, October 4
Today we toured the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado. It is an amazing place of grand landscapes with brightly colored canyon walls which rise over 2,000 feet from the valley floor. Some of the oldest rock dates back to 1.5 billion years old. Just for comparison, the Earth is approximately 4 billion years old. The monument is 32 miles long, with stuning views and sharp winding roads on the top's plateau. We have been here two previous visits, but it is always nice to return. We change, but this place doesn't.  

Monday, October 5 Todays route using Google Earth
Kings Riverbend RV Park   Montrose, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $35.00 per night
Today was a short drive from Grand Junction, Colorado to Montrose, Colorado. We are camped in a beautiful riverside campground with the back of the trailer backed up to the Uncompahgre River. We can hear it babbling as it rushes along. There are very few campers here and the owners seem to space their campers well away from each other. Overall a nice place, but tonight we will have to disconnect and drain water hoses, because it will be near or below freezing here.

Tuesday, October 6
We visited Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park today. A spectacular chasm cut through dark rock.  

Wednesday, October 7 Todays route using Google Earth
Mesa RV Resort   Gunnison, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $37.06 per night
A nice short drive today as we headed east traveling just south of the Gunnison river. We traversed several passes around 8,000 feet. The final leg of the trip was along the edge of Blue Mesa Reservoir of the Curecanti National Recreation Area, part of the National Park Service. Here are a few webcam captures of our journey.   Yesterday the server at home was experiencing some troubles and our traveling webcam images weren't working, but Frank was finally able to get the server reset later in the evening. This campground's website is one of the best I have seen. Far superior to most and fun to browse. The owner is a professional photographer and their website is full of some great photography of both the campground and surrounding areas. Check it out on the link above. Frank went out just before sunset and shot a few photos around the campground.  
Thursday, October 8 Todays route using Google Earth
Arrowhead Point campground   Buena Vista, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $26.70 per night
Today we traversed the Continental Divide across Monarch pass at 11,312 feet. Beautiful views as the aspens are turning gold.   On the way down the east side of the divide there was an 18 wheeler truck who was riding his brakes and driving about 20 miles an hour. Not once did he pull off on any of the numerous pullouts to let anyone around. Frank was worried, as the truck's brakes began to put out huge clouds of smoke, that the truck would lose control, or burst into flame. And since Frank didn't have his full attention where it should be, he bit into his bagel the wrong way and his temporary front bridge broke loose. Later in the afternoon we found a local dentist in Buena Vista who glued it back in place, but it is not secure and will need to be replaced when we get home. There is a small chance of snow here tonight and it will definitely get down below freezing. Looking at traffic web cameras around Colorado, it appears that it is raining in lower areas like Denver and snowing on the passes.

Friday, October 9
Our trip of today Today we took a drive up and over the Continental Divide again this time through Leadville, and across Fremont Pass at 11,318 feet. We saw many beautiful mountains with new snow covering the tops. We passed the famous Climax mine where much of the world's molybdenum came from up through the 1960's. We then proceeded further north along state route 91 to Frisco where we turned south, returning through Breckenridge and South Park, to Fairplay. Our good friends Dave and Jim lived near Fairplay. Dave is the author of a series of gay western novels published under the name Golden Feather Press, another of Frank's websites. We had a great day and saw some fantastic scenery. Check out these photos.  

Saturday, October 10 Todays route using Google Earth
Dakota Ridge RV Park   Golden, CO Locate this campground with Google Earth $45.61 per night
We began today with a truck that wouldn't start. After hooking up the charger for about 15 minutes we finally got it started. We believe the batteries are getting old so will look at getting them replaced in Denver. We headed east and paused for a few minutes in Jefferson, Colorado while Frank made a conference call with his rodeo association. On the way we passed three blue roan horses and we got a photo of two of them.   Then we headed up Kenosha pass and on toward Denver. The temperature in South Park was in the 30's but as we descended toward Denver the tempeture dropped to a low of 16. Apparently the pass had experienced fog this morning and all the trees were covered with hoar frost and the trees were beautiful. See camera and webcam images that follow.    

Sunday, October 11
We had planned on having lunch with Dave and Jim, but Jim wasn't feeling well so we did shopping and chores instead. Tom did laundry and Frank worked on web pages. Later we went to a local hardware in Golden and picked up replacement quick-connect hose fittings. The metal ones we bought at Wal-Mart last year have all corroded. We also got a new foot rug for in front of the kitchen sink.

Monday, October 12
Around noon we picked up Dave and Jim and went to Perkins Pancake house for lunch. Service was slow but most of the food was good. Then as we were preparing to take Dave and Jim back to their trailer our truck wouldn't start. An hour later the AAA battery specialist showed up and we ended up buying 2 new batteries from AAA rather than Sears as we had planned. I think we got better batteries at a better price and they have a 6 year warranty too. Nice guy, he was very friendly and helpful. We gave Dave the notebook we had been using in the truck since last spring. Frank had ordered a new mobile work station which is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 13
Early this morning, Frank made an appointment with a local dentist Jim had recommended to have his bridge looked at. Then we went shopping this morning. Back to the hardware store for a few more connectors, then to Micro Center for a computer expansion card for the server. Frank ordered a special high gain wireless network antenna which should arrive Friday. Frank's new notebook arrived and we picked it up from the campground office where Dave and Jim live. We had arranged with the manager to have it delivered there. Then a trip to Whole Foods before returning to the trailer. As we were unloading groceries and computer stuff, Frank sneezed and blew out his front bridge. We've heard of blowing one's brains out, but really! It took a few minutes to find it among the gravel on the ground. But at least, now that the bridge is out, Frank can eat, sort of, and he can brush his teeth without worrying about knocking out the bridge. Frank spent the rest of the afternoon configuring his new computer.

Wednesday, October 14
We went over to Dave and Jim's late morning. Jim had a medical appointment, so Frank worked with Dave on setting up some procedures on Dave's computer. Tom took the opportunity to drive ten miles north to a JC Penney's store to buy some clothing items he needed. Later when Jim returned from his medical appointments, we went to a late lunch at the Country Buffet. Since we ate so late in the afternoon, we had a light dinner here in the trailer.

Thursday, October 15
Frank began the day with his visit to the dentist. Dr. Pamela Walsh was great and not only fixed his temporary bridge, but put it back in so it won't come out easily. Frank is whole again...and he can eat without worry. The WiFi antenna booster which should have arrived on Friday arrived one day early, so we went to get it at Dave and Jim's campground. Later the two of us went to dinner at Chad's Grill, a very nice place. We have eaten there several times during the past few years. Frank had Chicken Pot Pie, and Tom had a steak. Good food.

Friday, October 16
Today we went shopping again. First to a great hardware, where Frank got items to mount the WiFi booster antenna to the side of the trailer, then a car wash, then a bank, and finally to the grocery. Frank worked for hours, but got the antenna in place, along with moving the XM radio antenna and 2 GPS receivers.   Late afternoon Dave, Jim, Frank and Tom went to dinner at a White Fence Farm Restaurant. They serve meals family style, but each person can order their individual entree and potato dish. Their family style portion consists of cottage cheese, red bean salad, cole slaw, pickled beets, and great corn fritters. Overall a great meal. Tomorrow we head south to Albuquerque.

Saturday, October 17 Todays route using Google Earth
Raton KOA   Raton, NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $31.31 per night
Well, today was the day we packed up and headed south. IGRA Finals are in Albuquerque, NM and we want to be there. We drove half the north to south length of Colorado, and now we are in Raton, NM. Raton is the Spanish word for a "small rat". Our KOA hostess's name is Betsy, but her name on the campground receipt was RatBetsy. It is warm and sunny here, but we see how much rain Northern Virginia is getting.
Sunday, October 18 Todays route using Google Earth
Santa Fe KOA   Santa Fe, NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $39.30 per night
We're just outside Santa Fe and the weather and sky are beautiful. Frank's pollution allergies are non-existent. This evening we went over to visit some good friends, Brian and Don. Brian is a great cook and made us a dinner of Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, and a great salad. They have a beautiful 12 acre horse farm with spectacular views.  

Monday, October 19
We had a leisure day today. Late morning we toured some of the old plaza section of Santa Fe which next year will be 400 years old. Some of the architecture was quite nice.  Later we had lunch at a very popular local restaurant called Harry's Roadhouse Locate with Google Earth. It was nice and even at 1:30 PM was packed with locals. The food was good. Dinner in the trailer tonight, then off to Albuquerque in the morning.

Tuesday, October 20 Todays route using Google Earth
Kirtland Air Force Base Fam Camp   Albuquerque NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $18.00 per night
We arrived in camp a bit after noon. Good thing too, as about an hour later it began to rain. It rained, hard at times, all afternoon and into the night.

Wednesday, October 21
Today was a work day. Tom did laundry and went to the store, several times. Frank reviewed a new webcam and worked on web pages all day.

Thursday, October 22
Today we got the oil changed in the truck and checked out the fairgrounds campground to see how we will get into the facility tomorrow.

Friday, October 23 Todays route using Google Earth
New Mexico Expo   Albuquerque NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $30.00 per night
We're getting the next 3 nights free as part of a rodeo buckle sponsorship. Basically a parking lot but we are inside the fairgrounds and within walking distance of the rodeo. Frank got Windows 7 yesterday and is just about finished getting his main computer upgraded and setup.

Saturday, October 24
Today was the first day of two days rodeo for IGRA Finals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The rodeo went well today, very few injuries. There was a show at the host hotel, a Sheraton, which we attended. The acts were a Dolly Parton impresonator, who sings and looks exactly like the real Dolly. Then there was a act called the Demented Divas...and they were demented.

Sunday, October 25
The second day of the rodo went as smoothly as the first. The campground at the State Fairgrounds is within walking distance of the rodeo. We attended the awards ceremony this evening.

Monday, October 26 Todays route using Google Earth
Kirtland Air Force Base Fam Camp   Albuquerque NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $ 18.00 per night
We moved from the fairgrounds back to Kirtland, AFB. But en route we went to Albuquerque Brake and Alignment and had the trailer's axles aligned and four new tires put on the trailer. It looks like they did a terrific job, at least we hope so. Without aligned axles, the tires were wearing unevenly and lasting for only about 10,000 miles before needing to be replaced. For lunch, while the trailer was being repaired, we ate at the Black Angus. This is a very nice restaurant chain.

Tuesday, October 27
We decided to stay a day longer at Kirtland AFB so Tom could do laundry and shop at the Commissary. Frank worked on the computer installing Windows 7 and did some trailer repair. Overall a work day for us.

Wednesday, October 28
It snowed here during the night, so we decided to remain here and let the storm get past us. We need to drive to Denver, but they are expecting to get about 1 ½ feet of snow. We have about two weeks to get there, so maybe the snow will melt toward the end of the week. Tom is making a warm soothing dish for dinner, Beef Stroganoff and some great dinner rolls. Frank did something bad to the new installation of Windows 7 on his computer yesterday and screwed up the entire system. He spent this morning rebuilding the computer again. That's one of the reasons it has been several days since an update. As the sun was setting today the snow on the mountains was beautiful.  

Thursday, October 29
We woke up this morning to a heavy snowstorm and about an inch on the ground. It was very pretty but most of it melted quickly. Several times during the day the snow returned but with each whitening of the ground it melted in just a few minutes. Frank has just about finished rebuilding his computer with Windows 7. We watched a Harry Potter movie and episode 1 of The Day The Universe Changed by James Burke. Purchace through Amazon.com   We will move on tomorrow morning.

Friday, October 30 Todays route using Google Earth
Tucumcari KOA   Tucumcari, NM Locate this campground with Google Earth $36.23 per night
The region between Albuquerque and Denver is having a heavy winter storm so we have decided to head east into the Panhandle of Texas rather than directly north to Denver. This will occupy us for several days until the warmer weather comes into the region and hopefully most of the snow will be gone by the time we get back into Colorado. The snow of the last few days, while not staying around very long, has turned the roads of the campground in Albuquerque into mud. The truck's running boards and tires were covered with adobe mud, so after setting up camp here we drove into the town of Tucumcari and washed it in a car wash.
Saturday, October 31 Todays route using Google Earth
Corral RV Park   Dalhart, TX Locate this campground with Google Earth $19.00 per night
We have now turned northwest and are in the Panhandle of Texas in Dalhart, same campground we were in last spring. Dalhart is the home of the XIT museum in memory of the largest fenced cattle ranch in history which was originally 3,000,000 acres. W   The XIT ranch no longer exists but we see the name in many places around this region such as the XIT cattle feed lots we passed as we were coming into town.   For the first time we have seen another Ameri-Camp brand trailer that is being used. They drove in just a few minutes ago. Oh, if you are following us as we travel tomorrow or watching any of our webcams, we decided to stay in Mountain time rather than drop into Central time here in the Texas Panhandle. We will only be in Central time tonight and part of tomorrow morning, so it wasn't logical to change time zones on all the computers. Anyway we drop into Standard time tonight anyway. Too many time changes aren't good for the brain.