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Elko! A Cowboy's Gathering

Disk 1

  1. Baxter On Elko Baxter Black
  2. Ay Ay Ay Rich & Valerie O'Brien
  3. The Elevator Scale Rodney Nelson Lyrics
  4. Power River, Let 'Er Buck Skip Gorman
  5. International Gleen (Whatever That Is?) Glenn Ohrlin
  6. The Drover Road to Amulree David Wilkie & Denise Withnell
  7. The Hooves of the Horses Randy Rieman
  8. Ragtime Annie Hot Club Of Cowtown
  9. Not Gone Janine Haig
  10. Angels Can Do No More Andy Wilkinson
  11. Doctor, Doctor Jesse Smith
  12. Geronimo's Men (45 Horses) Jon Chandler with Butch Hause & Ernie Martinez
  13. One Moment, Please! John C. Dofflemyer
  14. Bizarzyski-Mad Bard & Carpenter Savant.... Paul Zarzysky
  15. Silver Spurs Sons of the San Joaquin
  16. Dream of Spotted Buffalo / Night Song of the Crow Henry Real Bird
  17. The Time It Never Rained Lyn Messersmith
  18. Roll On Owyhee Brenn Hill with Gord Matthews & Gord Maxwell
  19. Things Of Intrinsic Worth Wally McRay
  20. Spanish is the Loving Tongue Michael Martin Murphey
Disk 2
  1. We Are The Poets Virginia Bennett
  2. Jerry Ambler Ian Tyson with Gord Maxwell & Gord Matthews
  3. Square-Head Walt LaRue
  4. Cattle In The Cane Ruthie Dornfeld with Patrick Sauber
  5. Equus Caballus Joel Nelson
  6. Wild Places Michael Fleming
  7. Saying Grace Is Saying Thank You Long John Best
  8. Hooves of the Horses Wylie & the Wild West
  9. Real Wealth Peggy Godfrey
  10. Born to be a Cowboy R.W. Hampton
  11. Slant of Light J.V. Brummels
  12. Big Bad Bill Sourdough Slim
  13. Full Value Oscar Auker
  14. Red River Rose Red Steagall
  15. Habitat J.B. Allen
  16. All This Way For THe Short Ride Tom Russell with Paul Zarzski & Andrew Hardin
  17. Rooster Poem Georgie Sicking
  18. Evening Chat Waddie Mitchell
  19. The Campfire Has Gone Out Don Edwards

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