Black Forest Chestnut


Otherwise known as the Schwarzwalder Fuchse, the Black Forest Chestnut is a small sized heavy draft horse native to the higher regions of the Black Forest in Germany. Like one of its influences, the Noriker, this horse has sure-footing on sometimes steep hillsides. It has been used for centuries by the poorer farmers of the region.

The Black Forest Chestnut, at 15 hands high, is a smallish heavy draft horse. The horse is generally sorell colored with blond to white mane and tail. The head shows refinement with a wide forehead and small muzzle. The shoulders are powerful and muscular and although less heavy than most draft horses, the legs are strong and show little feathering.

The two breeds known to have influenced the Black Forest Chestnut are the Noriker and Breton. Like the smaller Noriker, this horse has adapted itself to the hilly terrain of its native land.

The Fuchse in Schwarzwalder Fuchse, the Black Forest Chestnut's German name, means sorrel, the unique coloration of the horse. The English translation of the name has changed the color to chestnut, a similar but more deeply brown color.

1.Noriker 2.Breton

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