Belgian Warmblood


Although Belgium is primarily known for its heavy horse breeds, it also produces the Belgian Warmblood. The Warmblood is bred distinctively as a show horse, excelling in dressage and jumping arenas.

The Belgian Warmblood stands around 16.2 hands high. The head is alert and full of quality, mainly due to its Anglo-Arabian influence. Withers are well placed and the shoulders are of good riding type. The body is compact with good depth and a back of perfect length. The horse is known to have correct legs and sound hooves.

This horse is basically the mixture of many bloods with the lighter Belgian agricultural horses at the base. In the 1950s these agricultural horses were mixed with Gelderlanders for greater size and strength. In the 1960s Selle Francais and Hanoverian were introduced. These gave the Belgian Warmblood greater athletic ability and freedom of movement. The Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arabian introduced to the breed conformation and speed.

Due to the result of careful and specific breeding, the Belgian Warmblood is becoming increasingly popular in a country that has been dominated by heavy horse breeding in the past. Over 4,000 Belgian Warmbloods are born every year. In addition to being excellent competition horses, they are also known for their excellent temperament.

1. Anglo-Arabian 2. Arabian 3. Selle Francais 4. Hanoverian

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