Cowboy Frank's Horse Pages

First posted Aug 2001
Last update May 3, 2012

Breeds 146 breeds of horses,
with discriptive text and photos.
05-18-07 Western
Saddle Types
The major classes of western saddles
03-07-01 Equis
A 5 minute Real Video on the evolution of the horse.
Transcript for slow internet connections
08-11-01 A Horse's
Horses need love and understanding too.
07-31-06 Dictionary of Horse Terms
07-30-01 A Horse
A humorous look at how man gained
dominance over the horse.
08-03-03 Barrel Racing
Cowboy Frank in training for barrel racing. This was my 4th lesson way back in July 2003, I'm doing much better now. (57 seconds)

My Horse Friends

12-03-01 Fort Valley
Location Map
Where is Fort Valley? Location map
and an amazing satellite 3D false color map.
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Fort Valley
A visit to another horse farm in Vort Valley
and some new friends.
02-21-02 Free as
the Wind
Horses, Cowboys and Coyotes,
or at least dogs. A gallery from the farm
11-16-01 Projects &
Trail Rides
Chores on the farm, horse photos
and another trail ride on a beautiful day.
07-01-01 Cowboy Frank
Rides Again
My new friends in Fort Valley Virginia,
their horses, and our ride adventures.
09-15-01 Down on
the Farm
Some of my favorite photos of life on the farm.
Friends, neighbors, horses, and of course
pictures of the cowboys.
10-9-01 Sundance
A young horse experiences her first rider.
02-28-03 Cherokee
A good friend who passed away in Fort Valley in January 2003. (6:08)