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Received September 10, 2007, $59.95

Be sure to also read Common issues with Microsoft cameras.
Check the about my lighting page to understand the tests.

I frequently find myself in a quandary when trying to give honest reviews to these cameras. Because I see so many different cameras, some of which are excellent, when I come across one like this I tend to feel it is mediocre. In fact this is a good little camera. Far superior to the equivalent priced models from Creative, but not as good as Logitech's newer releases.

I would have to classify this as a medium level camera. At any rate it is Microsoft's lower level portable camera. However it performed amazingly well across my standard tests, considering the price. It only has a 640x480 pixel sensor but for most notebook usage that should be adequate. It has a 28 inch cord which should be adequate for most notebooks, and yet not so long as to get in the way. The main body of the camera swivels up and down about 20 degrees. It has a green LED to indicate it is on.

The lens is not the greatest, I would describe the images as a bit fuzzy or soft. But then, this is not the high end NX-6000 which goes for $99.99.

The biggest problem I experienced was during my testing phase. With the camera mounted on my second monitor, that placed my window to the right or in front of my face. During the day, the bright light of the window made this camera darken down considerably. The result was a slightly over exposed outside and a very under exposed inside, which was where I was sitting. If you get one of these cameras, make sure you don't have windows or bright lights behind you. Example

The camera mount is well designed. One of the few notebook cameras that has an adequately wide spring action clip to fit most notebook screens. It opens to 5/8 inch which is wider than any other notebook camera I have tried.

A good choice for someone on a budget who wants a Microsoft portable camera, but if price isn't too much of a concern I would recommend the NX-6000 over this camera.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions Large images taken under bright light.     640x480    
Screen capture of camera     Settings     Controls

  • Sensor: 640x480
  • Focus: Fixed
  • USB 2
  • Inexpensive, compaired to other models
  • Good mounting bracket
  • Does well in most lighting conditions
  • Under exposes with bright back light
  • Soft or fuzy lens