June, 2018
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December 31, 2018
Originally I had planned on continueing this running daily dialogue on these pages. But writing being very difficult for me and without Tom by my side, I have had a great deal of difficulty in getting motivated to do anything that I find difficult. If I find myself bored and can get motivated, then I may start the daily blog again. I do keep my webcams running, and if you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can see where I am and the campgrounds I have stayed at during the year. See the links just above the webcam images on my home page.

June 1
Road Runner RV Park   Oklahoma City, OK Locate this campground with Google Earth $36.00 per night

Started early and took the trailer into Motley's RV Repair. Had two major items to fix. The bedroom slide couldn't retract without going in crooked which jammed it. Turned out to be slightly corroded connections on the connector that fed one of the two motors. Not enough juice and the motor slowed down. Easy fix once Allen found the problem.

The other item was much more difficult to fix although the problem was simple. The black water holding tank drain valve has been leaking for some time. They had to remove half the bottom sheet from the trailer to get to the valve. Then DSC_3467d the valve and the sheet (which is basically a piece of plastic that looks like cardboard). An amazing amount of labor to fix a simple item to the tune of $1,200.

June 2
Springfield/Route 66 KOA   Springfield MO Locate this campground with Google Earth $45.56 per night

I followed the Will Rogers Turnpike from Oklahoma City North East into Missouri. The drive today was 280 miles. I was worried I would be extremely tired but faired pretty good with a number of stops.

Tomorrow will be even longer. I'm pushing mileage so I will have some time to spend with Tom's sister near Canton, Ohio. I have to be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by Friday afternoon for an antique telephone show this coming Saturday.

This is an expensive KOA for what they offer the basic camper. I'm on a short site with only 30 amp service. All the money is going for the stuff kids want.

Been trying to get Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) working on a small Windows 10 computer so I can use it to connect all my computers to campground Internets. There was some update to Windows 10 recently which has rendered ICS non-functional. I really hate Windows 10. As I have said on my Philosophical Meanderings page, I would drop Windows in a heartbeat if I didn't have 25 years of experience in Windows and no experience in any other operating system. Microsoft has really screwed up this operating system, and they randomly make changes apparently without any testing as to what the change will mess up.

June 3
Casey KOA   Casey IL Locate this campground with Google Earth $42.25 per night
Not much to report. Bad roads through Indiana. The highways were pretty good but about 200 feet on either side of every bridge was not repaved along with the rest of the highway and were very bumpy. Knocked stuff all over the trailer. I was afraid I was going to burst a tire but everything came through ok.
June 4
Daton/Tall Timebers KOA   Brookville OH Locate this campground with Google Earth $42.25 per night
More bad roads until I got into Ohio. Nice KOA but as usual for a KOA, sites close together. It's getting hard to keep up with daily entries. Mostly because I don't feel like doing the work. I think some of that is due to me rushing to get to Lancaster, Pennsylvania by this Friday for the phone show. Then too, for the last couple of years, Tom and I didn't do much when we traveled. Just sat in the trailer and played on the computer. This was due to Tom's alcohol addiction, but it kind of drug me down to the point that I wasn't doing anything either. It's difficult to try to get back into doing something useful each day. Hopefully I will get there soon.
June 5
Clay's Park   Canal Fulton, OH Locate this campground with Google Earth $70.00 per night
This place is celebrating 70 years in operation. Tom use to come here to swim in the lake way back when it was new. Tom was 5 when this place first opened. I am asking for a pull through because by myself, with only one working eye, it is extremely difficult to back into a site. Clay's Park is getting very expensive at $70 a night. In all our travels, Tom and I only staid in one place that was more expensive in Florida about 10 years ago. in all our travels. It was raining for about half my trip today and I arrived here very tired.

June 6
Today I visited with Tom's sister Pat who lives just about 6 miles from here. Nice discussions and she made a very nice lunch. The best meal I have had since Tom passed away. Thank you very much Pat.

June 7
Bellefonte/State College KOA   Bellefonte, PA Locate this campground with Google Earth $67.00 per night
Today was a very tiring drive. About 240 miles with hills and lots of trucks. I frequently had to slow down as trucks tried to go around me just as we started up hills, then they slowed down and I had to slow down to let them pull back into the right lane in front of me. Traffic is also getting quite heavy. Everything is green. Since I moved to Colorado, I had almost forgotten how spring and early summer looks back here in the east. While it is pretty, I really think I like the west better. There is generally less traffic out west, except in the big cities, and people don't seem to be in such a big hurry in the west. While I am looking forward to the phone show this weekend, then visiting with friends next week then a rodeo the following weekend, I am missing the west.

There will probably not be any updates for the next couple of days, as I will not have AC power to fire up the server here in the trailer with. The source files I work with for this page are contained on the server. If I have a decent Internet connection at the phone show on Saturday, and maybe late Friday, I may webcast the event. If so you can find it on my personal YouTube channel at CowboyFrank.org

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