May, 2018
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Sunday, May 27
High Plains Camping   Oakley, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $39.60 per night
This is the first entry of what I am calling my fourth segment of life. The first segment was growing up. The second segment was after I left home and went out on my own. The third segment, and the most important of my life, was my 34 ½ years with my life partner and later husband, Tom. Tom passed away this last January 18. I miss him terribly.

My fourth segment began this morning. I have sold the house we lived in Castle Rock, Colorado for the last 7 years and am embarking on the rest of my life as a full timer, traveling and living in my firth wheel trailer. We will see how well I can keep this travelogue up on a regular basis.

I am currently camped near Oakley, Kansas for the night.

Monday, May 28
New Horizons RV   Junction City, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $00.00 per night
Today was a hard drive because of cross winds during most of the day. Arrived at New Horizons about 2 in the afternoon and got setup next to their building. Very hot day with highs in the middle 90s. It took the air conditioner most of the day to catch up.

Tuesday, May 29
Full day at New Horizons. I am ordering a new custom built 5th wheel trailer from New Horizons RV. I am planning on this RV being my home for the rest of my life. I will travel as I desire until I reach a point that I am either unable to travel or get tired of traveling, at which point I will park my trailer either in an RV park, or on a piece of land somewhere nice to live out my days.

I met with Cole the sales person in the morning and went over a few additions. I have decided to have the motorcycle lift installed with the initial construction rather than coming back later to add it. A few days ago, I found the model motorcycle I want to get. It's a Yamaha V Star 250. Will go looking for an actual bike after I get the new trailer. Also met with the electrician and went over the details of my networking and phone line requests so he understands exactly what I am after. I expect to be signing the rental agreement this afternoon. New Horizons has worked out to buy my current trailer now to get the financing started. They will rent it back to me for a dollar a month until the new rig is ready.

Heavy rains and thunder this evening with gusty winds. It's 10:00 pm now and as I prepare to go to bed, the radar shows that it will probably continue to rain for 3 to 4 hours.

Wednesday, May 30
Wellington KOA   Wellington, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $38.58 per night
After signing more documents with New Horizons, I proceeded south on US highways to this little town just a bit north of the Oklahoma border. This campground is well kept but it is an older campground and the site they put me on is exactly as long as my trailer and truck, hooked up. Taking the trailer off the truck, and I stick out into the driveway about 10 feet totally blocking the drive. I had to park sideways on the grass. This doesn't make sense because I told them how long I am and they have an entire section of the campground with very long sites. Their Wi-Fi doesn't work at all. I can connect to it but there is no connection to the Internet. Not a campground I plan on visiting again.
Thursday, May 31
Road Runner RV Park   Oklahoma City, OK Locate this campground with Google Earth $36.00 per night

Have moved south to Oklahoma City. Very hot today, high was near 100 with humidity around 35%. Where I was last night experienced severe thunder storms and heavy rain. Some of the surrounding area had wind gusts of 80 miles an hour but where I was it was just mildly windy.

I have digitally signed a final document on selling the house. Supposedly, my account should receive the funds from the sale tomorrow morning. We shall see. This is important because I need the money to put the first payment down on the new trailer.

Tomorrow I will pull the trailer to Motley's RV repair to try to fix the bedroom slide. It is sticking on one side making it almost impossible to close. The black water sewer tank valve is also leaking.

January 25, 2020
Dakota Campground, Walsenburg, CO

Notice the date. It's been almost two years since I did an entry. Two days ago I turned 68. It's been a bit more than 37 ½ years since I first met my Tom, and it's been a bit over 2 years since he passed away. I am quite lonely.

I've spent a good part of today reminiscing these old travelogue pages and realized it's been a long time since I left this page, so I thought I would add a bit here. While I don't run a daily log at this time, I do still keep the webcams running and you can follow my travels with Google Earth and the icons on my home page just above the webcam thumbnails.

At this point I am doing well, just a bit board and have difficulty in getting motivated to do much especially with my personal site. I spend most of my time working on other websites and watching YouTube videos. If you haven't already, you should try YouTube. I find loads of interesting stuff to watch, much of which is more entertaining than TV. In fact I have only turned the TV on once in the last 2 years and don't miss it at all.

Well I just thought I would add a bit to this page as a closure. As I said when I first started full-timing again, I may start this travelogue back up but may not.


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