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Monday, July 19

We Are Moving

I thought I would update everyone on our status. On the way home, a bit over a month ago, we looked at each other and said, "Why are we going home?" For the last few years we have spent more time traveling than at home. The only reason to go home, other than visiting friends, is to clean the house and take off again. So we made the decision to put the house up for sale.

We called a neighbor, who is a real estate agent, and started the process. We signed a contract with her on July 3. On July 7 she called with a potential buyer. The folks love the house and it is exactly what they were looking for. They even told us not to do the upgrades and repairs we had planned. Instead we lowered the price by the amount we had intended to spend for updates, and they can use those funds to remodel to their preferences rather than being stuck with what we might do.

Everything has been moving smoothly, almost all the required paperwork is finished. The new owners will take possesion on August 27. We have made arrangements with a mover to pack up everything and put it in storage until we are ready for it on the other end.

We will continue our travels for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, finally settling down in Denver, Colorado. We have no idea exactly where, or what kind of home we will end up with. Could be a high rise condo in the heart of Denver, a ranch in the eastern flatlands, or a log cabin in the mountains. It all depends on what we find that both of us like.

We will begin our travels again around August 10, so check us out then to see where we are headed and what we are doing.

You can also check out the web page we created to sell the house. The page is not complete because the house sold so quickly we didn't have a chance, and now there is no point in expanding it.