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Thursday, August 13 Todays route using Google Earth
Sand Springs Campground   Morgantown, WV Locate this campground with Google Earth $33.89 per night
We are on the road again. The Internet connection here is so slow that it has been very difficult to post anything to the website. We were in this same campground almost exactly one year ago. It was raining then, but is much more pleasant this time with sunny weather. We had some issues with the water system in the trailer. We made the mistake of not draining the water system in early June and everything was full of bacteria. It was quite a chore to clean it out, but we finally succeeded.
Friday, August 14 Todays route using Google Earth
Buckeye Lake KOA   Buckeye Lake, OH Locate this campground with Google Earth $40.05 per night
Tom picked this campground without consulting Frank. Just as we were getting near Frank realized this is the same KOA he and his sister stayed at 2 years ago. We think it is one of the nicest KOA campgrounds we have seen, although a bit expensive. Frank spent the late afternoon and evening trying to install a newly rebuilt webcam notebook computer in the truck. Loads of configuration problems. Then he found he couldn't log into the trailer's computer access point. It wouldn't take the password he assigned it last night. Turns out it took the 13 character password but only remembered the first 12 characters. What a mess. That little goof took 2 hours to figure out. Tomorrow we will move on to Indiana and will stay in one spot for a couple of days so we can catch up on projects and rest some.
Saturday, August 15 Todays route using Google Earth
Play-Mor Campground,   Bremen, IN Locate this campground with Google Earth $32.10 per night
Another campground we stayed in last year. We are near where our trailer was built, but that company has gone out of business due to the recession. Along our way, a kind motorist brought to our attention that we had something hanging from the underside of our trailer. We pulled into a parking lot and found a section of the underbelly cover (which is little more than plasticized cardboard) had come loose on one corner and was dragging on the ground.  We did a fast jerry-rig job of holding it up with a strap to get us on our way. We stopped at a hardware store and picked up some bolts and fender washers to do the repair tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16
Frank began today by crawling under the trailer to fix the underbelly cover which was coming off yesterday. He drilled some holes in the I beam frame and used bolts with fender washers to affix the cover to the bottom. Later we made 2 trips to the hardware store for parts and some glue. Frank put wheels on his little end table which holds a notebook computer, a cassette deck and some cables.   He is in the slow process of playing back a bunch of old books on tape stories and recording them onto the computer. Much of this is done while exercising and being able to move the table around is much easier with the wheels. When finished they will be made available to close friends on a private server back home. For lunch we drove to Amish Acres and ate till we were stuffed. A great place to have a good home cooked meal. Later we added some rubber matting to the bottom of our truck storage box to stop aluminum from rubbing off on all the stuff stored there. Finally we drained the water from the trailer and flushed the hot water heater. We made the mistake of not draining it in June and it was full of junk and bad bugs. Finally we have it completely clean and the water softener is now recharged and working correctly again. A long day and we are both tired and looking forward to bed and a bit of a rest tomorrow.

Monday, August 17
Rain Rain Rain. We have had 4.34 inches of rain so far today and expecting more in a bit. It's been one of those days when it rained, then sun shining, then clouds, then more rain, then sun again. At one point we had some major lightning and the campground's Internet went out for several hours. We went to Menards home center today and found plumbing parts we have been unable to locate. We added a captive air tank to the water pump. This helps reduce pump cycling and generally stabilizes the water pressure when using the pump. Also took that opportunity to clean out the trailer basement and vacuum the dirt out. Frank got the weather page working and online (see link at top of page). Weather from the trailer is updated every hour when the trailer is in a campground and we have an internet connection. Very productive day.

Tuesday, August 18
Today was a more relaxed one. Tom did laundry, we cut up and installed some new rubber matting in the front compartment where the grill is stored, and we had dinner at Amish Acres again. Frank did some web page work and we both did a bunch of reading. It was mostly sunny but warm and humid.

Wednesday, August 19 Todays route using Google Earth
Emerald Trails Campground   Crete, IL Locate this campground with Google Earth $35.00 per night
We moved into Central time during our drive today. We are now stationed just about 2000 feet from where the Chicago rodeo will be held, (about 2 miles via road) and you can see the rodeo location in today's Google Earth campground view. Pleasant campground, lots of trees. During the late afternoon and evening we had more rain. Frank began a project of adding indicator lights to the front door light switches to make it easier to tell if the outside lights are on. It's such a pain when people leave their outside lights on all night and we don't want to disturb others by doing that ourselves.

Thursday, August 20
Today was a major project day. We replumbed the captive air tank so it won't leak or move around. Then Frank ran a new power circuit to the space under the bed to eliminate extension cords feeding the electric blanket, and moved the front webcam computer to a space under the bed. Between those two projects we had a good part of the trailer apart, but the result is great. For lunch we went to a German restaurant about 15 miles away, very good meal. We also met another "family" member who is staying in the campground for several months. Had a very long and fun conversation with him here in the trailer.

Friday, August 21
After completing our normal early morning routine, we spent a lot of time reading favorite books. In the late afternoon we drove to Alsip and visited a Radio Shack where Frank got a set of headphones and an audio adaptor to use while recording his books on tape. Then we stopped in at Contestant registration and went on to the Country House Restaurant where we had a great dinner. Locate with Google Earth Finally another visit to contestant registration before returning home to our trailer.

Saturday, August 22
It turned out that Frank's dessert at the restaurant last night had artificial coloring in it, so he lost some sleep dealing with that. We attended the first day of the Chicago Rodeo. Great weather, in the high 60's, and somewhat overcast. We saw our friend Terry from Fort Valley compete in barrel racing and flag racing. If we remember right, he was fourth place in Barrels and third place in Flags. Plus we had a chance to visit with Bob from Fort Valley and several friends from Chicago. It was a great day. We had spaghetti for dinner in the trailer, then watched some of the Chicago Bears football game on TV.

Sunday, August 23
For our last day here we returned to the rodeo. A nicer day but still quite cloudy. Gallery will be availalbe in a few days. The day started out misty, and as it turned out it was sunny in Chicago, 50 miles to the north. We were on the very edge of a storm. Later in the day it turned hot and sunny. In the evening we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant, then to the rodeo's awards, then back to the campground.

Monday, August 24 Todays route using Google Earth
West Lake County Park   Davenport, IA Locate this campground with Google Earth $17.00 per night
We drove about 184 miles today, a bit longer than we would like but not bad. We are in a very pleasant and immaculately cared for county park. The only drawback is they only have 30 amp hookups.   We are both bushed after the long weekend at the rodeo and we are looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, August 25
We decided to stay here another few days for two reasons. One is we have more travel time on our hands than we need to get to Kansas City; and two, we are expecting very heavy rains with thunderstorms during the next two days and nights. So staying here, we went shopping. We refilled a 30 pound propane tank; visited an Oreck store to buy sweeper bags; and visiting the ubiquitous Wal-Mart. For lunch we brought home some burgers from a neat chain of the mid-west called Steak and Shake. Good food. For dinner, Tom made corn on the cob, BBQ pork cutlets; and sorbet. We await the rains, as we can see it coming closer.

Wednesday, August 26
We chose correctly. Thunderstorms moved in during the night and rumblings can still be heard. Nearly two inches of rain so far. We did some computer chores and read, while staying dry. Hope we can move further west tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27 Todays route using Google Earth
Indian Hills RV Park   Albia, IA Locate this campground with Google Earth $27.93 per night
We decided to move on today, even though the rain is still around. Good thing too, back in Davenport it is still raining heavily while we are now beyond this storm. Extremely well kept park, part of a hotel, but right on the highway. Had an excellent dinner in their restaurant. Tom had a great Prime Rib, and Frank has a Grilled Chicken Breast.
Friday, August 28 Todays route using Google Earth
Pony Express Campground   Maysville, MO Locate this campground with Google Earth $27.00 per night
We are in a four star campground which Tom pushed for because they have an internet connection, which wouldn't work for Frank and barely worked for Tom. We are here, on a slope and un-even site which Tom rates only as a two star. You just can't trust the ratings you see in the campground directories. But alas, we are still connected to the truck, and will quickly move on tomorrow. Tomorrow will be concrete, level pads, with wide open spaces in an Indian Casino Campground. The sun is now shining for the first time in several days. Dinner tonight is spaghetti.
Saturday, August 29 Todays route using Google Earth
Prairie Band Casino and Resort   Mayetta, KS Locate this campground with Google Earth $15.75 per night See Camp Club discount info on help page
The sun is shining and the weather is great. We moved to a campground we stayed at last summer just a few miles north of Topeka Kansas. Internet is good. Along the way we stopped to swap drivers and found an interesting historical marker.   After arriving in the campground, we selected our own spot, and proceeded to clean/wash the truck and trailer. Windows and truck, plus carpet, looks nice again. Dinner tonight at the Casino's Buffet, but since we are in the campground, it is a two for one event. Dinner for two at $16.00.

Sunday, August 30
Today we drove north to Holton, expecting their great hardware to be closed on a Sunday...but luckily, it was open and we shopped for almost an hour. We got many things we needed for trailer projects. Then we went grocery shopping. Not quite up to Giant Foods standards, but acceptable. Dinner at the cheap and no cooking.

Monday, August 31
We both worked on computers today. Frank did the newsletter for ASGRA. Tom played with updates to files. Tonight's buffet was more expensive $ 21 for two...Prime Rib and Shrimp, plus hundreds of other food items. Great meal.