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Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Todays route using Google Earth
KOA,   Washington, PA. Google Earth $34.20 per night
Well we are off finally. We got on the road about 2:00 and drove about 250 miles. We are headed for Tom's sister's in Canton, Ohio, but our late start prevented us from completing the entire trip in one day. Frank is just getting the network and cameras working. We were about 150 miles out before he discovered the truck webcam computer was not running. Campground owners were very friendly, campground clean and neat but sites mostly a parking lot with trees around the outer areas. Included Internet was satellite so used our own. Found we have G3 service here. Joined KOA to get 10% discounts.
Thursday, June 26, 2008 Locate with Google Earth
Clay's Park Resort,   North Lawrence, OH. Google Earth $39.80 per night
After a fairly short drive we arrived at this campground. They are having a Cowboy weekend coming up. This place has been around for 60 years. Tom came here as a 10 year old kid.

Friday, June 27. We went shopping this morning for supplies and in the evening went with family to Belgrades Garden restaurant for dinner. Google Earth This restaurant is world famous...for those they have legally killed. They make their delicious chicken, breaded, and fried in lard at 300 degrees...to soak up the fat. Tom has been eating this stuff since 1950. Amazing. But then that might explain a lot.

Saturday, June 28. More visiting today along with Frank helping straighten out several computers. We went to an interesting hardware store which is actually a tourest attriction. Lehmans is in the middle of the Amish area so they carry lots of stuff the Amish might need. Amazing what is still manufactured, such as leather valves for old style water pumps.

Sunday, June 29. We have finally gotten some time to start orginizing our trailer. We spent much of the day doing laundry at Tom's sister's. We took one last run to a local hamburger house called Swenson's. Google Earth

Monday, June 30 Locate with Google Earth
Heartland Resort,   Greenfield, Indiana. Google Earth $33.17 per night
After cleaning up and stowing everything we took off toward Denver, getting out of the campground around 9:30. A leisurely drive of 293 miles which will cost us roughly $135 of diesel fuel, ouch! The weather was cloudy with scattered light rain, but not enough to cause any real problems. Shortly after crossing the state line into Indiana, the overcast cleared to mostly sunny, the air dried out and it is a beautiful afternoon with some gusty winds. Our neighor camper in a motor home was Reverend Dee, a lady minister in a Metro Church for gays in Louisville, KY. Interesting.