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This page was a test design for our eventual fulltiming trips we hope to begin in 2008. Some changes occured before we came up with a final format which you can see on the next page.

Summer 2005
Country Waye Campground,   Luray, Va. Google Earth $.00 per night
We brought the new trailer up to the campgound and left it here all summer, coming up on occasion.
September 4, 2005
Country Waye Campground, Luray Va.
Frank spent some time today working on the ASGRA website. Rodeo is next weekend. We had some heavy discussions on the future of our SAIC stock and what we might want to do over the next few years. Frank assembled about 500 rodeo images to use at the dance during rodeo as a background in the main ballroom.
September 17, 2005
Country Waye Campground, Luray Va.
Came up to the campground on Saturday this time. Frank spent some time looking for digital photos of Billy who we lost last February. Tomorrow we will go to the farm for a party. Had dinner tonight at Brookside restaurant.
December 1 - 4, 2005
Camp Lunga,   Quantico MCB Va. Google Earth
This was our last outing for the year spent at the beautiful Camp Lunga. They have done considerable upgrading since we were here last 3 years ago. This is our Thanksgiving outing for this year. We tried to reserve a spot during that week but the campground was reserved up until this weekend. We spent quite a bit of time discussing this trailer and our dissatisfaction with it. We have come to the conclusion we want to find another trailer and that it will most likely be a larger one and may include slide outs. Of course another truck will have to be ordered.
Clifton Va.
We had decided that we did not like the current trailer at all. In fact we really hated it. So this trailer spent 2006 sitting in the driveway, and we spent the year searching for a new trailer which we found and ordered. The new trailer came in early 2007.