A horse, having a wolf as a powerful and dangerous enemy, lived in constant fear of his life.

Being driven to desperation, it occurred to him to seek a strong ally. Where upon he approached a man, and offered an alliance pointing out that the wolf was likewise an enemy of the man.

The man accepted the partnership at once and offered to kill the wolf immediately if his new partner would only cooperate by placing his greater speed at the man's disposal.

The horse was willing and allowed the man to place bridle and saddle upon him. The man mounted hunted down the wolf and killed him.

The horse joyful and relieved thanked the man and said "Now that our enemy is dead, remove the bridle and saddle and restore my freedom."

Whereupon the man laughed loudly and replied "The hell you say giddy-up Dobbin" and applied the spurs with a will.

Homer Mallow,     Isaac Asimov 1952 Foundation
The truth about horses

Sound familiar??