National Spotted Saddle Horse


The National Spotted Saddle Horse is a rugged horse that grew out of middle Tennessee. The Spotted Saddle Horse Association has promoted the horse as being very kind, intelligent, and having a very smooth ride. Today it is popular throughout the U.S. for riding uses.

One of the many outstanding physical characteristics of the National Spotted Saddle Horse is its unique coat. To be registered the horse must show pinto coloration in addition to acceptable pedigree. Other characteristics include strong legs, small ears, and a smooth gait. It is a short horse, standing around 15 hands high.

The National Spotted Saddle Horse Association was formed in 1979. Developed in the rich central pasture lands of Tennessee, the Spotted Saddle Horse is smaller than other "walking" breeds. It is closely related to the Tennessee Walking Horse, the American Saddlebred, and the Standardbred.

In addition to its use in the show ring, the National Spotted Saddle Horse is used widely in its region of development for hunting. Being sure-footed and having a calm disposition makes the horse perfect for tracking through the woodlands and hillsides while hunting.

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