Half Arabian


The Half-Arabian is a horse with one registered purebred Arabian parent. The other parent may be any non-Arabian horse The exception is an Arabian-Thoroughbred which is registered as an Anglo-Arabian horse. Each Half-Arabian is unique, combining the elements of two separate breeds. Competitive trail, endurance, English and western, cutting, stock horse, hunter/jumper, driving, dressage and pleasure riders all use Half-Arabian horses.

The Half-Arabian most obviously takes on the characteristics of the Arabian - its beauty and refinement athletic ability. Other characteristics depend upon the breed of the other parent. In general, the Half-Arabian shows endurance, versatility and intelligence.

The International Arabian Horse Association established the Half-Arabian Registry to encourage both the breeding and use of Half-Arabians. Today almost 300,000 horses are registered in North America. Crossing purebred Arabians with other breeds is not a new concept. - it's how all light horse breeds developed. Thoroughbreds, American Quarter Horses, Lipizzaners, Morgans, Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walking Horses and many others can trace their origins to the Arabian horse. A wide variety of performance and pleasure Half-Arabian horses have also evolved through infusion of Arabian blood.

In creating a Half-Arabian, it allows an individual to customize the horse of their choice through selective breeding. In an effort to promote the Half-Arabian, the IAHA Registry allows breeders to show at national, regional and local levels; compete in distance rides, and much more.

1. Arabian 2. Any non-Arabian horse except Thoroughbred

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