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(M/N V-UBU48) (P/N 860-000231) (PID LZ932BA) (2009)
First posted Dec 2, 2009
Last update Apr 22, 2010
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Purchased Oct 19, 2009 $99.99

This camera looks just like the Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks released in 2007, but it is new on the inside. The box now has the name Webcam C905, not QuickCam. Since the physical design is identical I am just copying some of the review from the 2007 camera here.

The camera comes with a 12 inch stand which you can clamp the camera onto to use it without a notebook computer. Those of you who have screens with a slightly rounded edge will be happy to see the rounded back side to this camera clamp. The camera mount clamp fits perfectly on all my current notebooks. It holds securely and won't slip like many of the earlier models.

RightLight® is now included in the camera hardware rather than having the computer accomplish it through software. This means your computer has less to do so the camera can run faster at higher resolutions.

The auto focus works very well. I had only one focus problem when the camera decided it wanted to focus at about 3 inches and wouldn't come back to my face. I had to shut down my capture software and restart it to get the camera to refocus. But that problem only occurred once in my entire month of testing.

Color and exposure are superb. The 905 also includes all the great wide screen resolutions I like.

This camera, like the new Webcam 9000, is a winner and highly reccommended for portable use. Not bad on a desktop either.

I just went to add my Amazon purchase link and see Amazon.com has the camera available in one form for only $69.95 rather than the $99.00 I paid at my computer store. May be a Christmas special, but at that price you can't go wrong.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

See large images   640x480   1600x1200

Image resolutions available on this camera

  • Auto Focus
  • USB 2
  • UVC (Universal Video Class)
  • 2 mp Image sensor
  • Vista Certified
  • RightLight® built in
  • Exelent image in all lighting levels
  • Sharp from side to side
  • Can't find any faults

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