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Purchased Oct 19, 2009 $79.99

Very nice camera. For the user who wants a good camera but doesn't want to put quite as much money into one as the high end Webcam 9000 this would be an excellent choice. (Thanks to a reader it was pointed out that I had mis marked this camera as having a 1.3 mp sensor. It actually has a 2 mp sensor. My mistake and I apologize)

With this latest Webcam series release, Logitech seems to have created a nice group of cameras ranging from $20 to $100, with each level adding just a bit more to the camera's capability, features and quality. The 600 is close to the top, just below the Webcam C905 for Notebooks and the Webcam 9000. Something for everyone with a price scale that matches the value of each level.

I've been testing this camera for a bit over a month and have found no serious faults with it or its pictures.

The camera is capable of a wide array of image dimensions along with many of the wide screen views I like.

The lens is not a Carl Zeiss and it is fixed focus, but it does appear to be glass (though the box doesn't specify) and is quite good. Being fixed focus, closeups will be problematic in low light but should not be much of a problem in bright light.

The stand works well on my monitors and notebooks. The camera has a little tongue on the mount that if folded at the right angle can be set on a desktop or shelf, but may cause some difficulty in keeping the camera pointed in the right direction as it tends to want to rotate a bit due to pull from the cord. However, the cord is much more flexible than many webcams, so unless you move the camera frequently, a bit of bending of the cord should overcome this problem.

If I can figure a way to mount it to my satisfaction, this may become my camera of choice as the "driver camera" in my truck.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

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Image resolutions available on this camera

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