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Purchased Oct 9, 2007, $129.99

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Here we are with the third generation of Logitech's Orbit/Sphere camera, and they have done a marvelous job once again. At 2 mega pixels, auto focus and the excellent Carl Zeis Tessar lens, this camera out performs just about every other camera brand within the type of cameras I currently review.

With Logitech's Right Light 2 turned on, the color and exposure is excellent, in just about any lighting situation. The camera handles bright back lighting well, and you can still see into the shadows. The image is crystal clear and sharp where it focuses. The auto focus works extremely well. You can also turn off any or all of the auto settings and manually adjust everything including focus.

I had the same problems as the last Orbit (MP) with the tracking. As long as you are in front of the camera it seems to be able to track pertly well. However when I left the room, it tried to follow me out and then became stuck looking at the ceiling corner above my door. The only way I could get it back on my face was to turn off the auto tracking, hit the center/reset button in the tracking controls, then turn tracking back on.

During my testing phase, I had the camera pointed out a back window of my house. The camera handled every lighting situation flawlessly, except of course during the night when there is no light outside my place. The last day of testing before moving the cameras to my office for the demo shots, it snowed. Even with everything white this camera exposed very well, while many of the other cameras running beside it were totally over exposed turning their images into an almost pure white box.

While the image of this camera matches the QuickCam 9000, this would be a good one for those who want more control over their camera. It will sit nicely on a shelf or desk, and with its extension pole which places the camera head 8.5 inches higher up, an excellent overall selection. Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions Large images taken under bright light.     640x480     800x600     900x720     1600x1200

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