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Purchased July 30, 2012 $99.99

Well what can I say, Logitech has outdone themselves again. A super camera.

Very sharp and clear images. Works well in very low light, but I had to manually adjust the brightness and contrast to get the best picture. Great color and tone range under bright light.

The only problem I have had with this camera is after I installed the latest drivers from Logitech's website, my 3rd party software couldn't find the camera on my Windows XP machine. Windows Explorer saw the camera and could give me an image but not TinCam. I ended up using a system restore back to before the Logitech drivers were installed after which TinCam could see the camera again. I didn't install the Logitech software so did not test that.

I am very pleased to report that Logitech is again installing a tripod mount socket in the bottom of the stand on many of the current models, and it is metal not plastic so should last a long time. The few cameras I had in the past with plastic mounting sockets tended to be easily cross threaded and damaged.

The stand itself is well designed. Fits on a desk, shelf or the top of just about any computer monitor or notebook. On some notebooks that may have the screen going all the way to the edges of the case, you may find the lip on the front bottom of the camera (about 1/2 inch) might cover a bit of the screen. This is one of the better designed mounts, however it does not swivel side to side, and only has about a 45 degree vertical tilt which has been a problem on one instillation I have come across.

I was using this camera to webcast a meeting recently and wanted the camera to be high up near the ceiling. I mounted it on the top of a photographic lighting stand and raised it up to about 7 feet. Because the tilt was only about 40 degrees down, I couldn't see the near side of the conference table so had to lower the tripod which ended up showing the backs of a few heads. However I doubt most people will have any problem with vertical tilt limits.

Overall this is the webcam of choice for this season.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions

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