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Purchased December 17, 2008, $59.99

Check the about my lighting page to understand the tests.

There are 2 cameras that look almost the same. This camera, the 1.3mp Deluxe (2008) is the one with the black top. The other one has a silver top.

A pertly good camera. The image I got from this model was actually better than the Premium Autofocus 2mp model. This one didn't seem to be effected as badly by back lighting as the Premium camera did. It performed well pointing out my back window with very little flair.

As with the Premium Autofocus model, while I was doing my testing of these 2 cameras. I was having trouble adjusting the brightness and other settings. Each time I closed the UVC control panel, the changes were candled and set back to default. It was only after I had finished the demo shots and put everything away that I discovered the problem was being caused by the control panel that was installed with the camera drivers. The camera panel was resetting any changes even though the camera control wasn't open. I guess this continues the problems with HP software I have encountered with almost all HP products. If you are going to use a 3rd party software program like I do, I would recommend that you just use the UVC drivers built into your operating system and not install the software that comes with the camera.

My test images are a bit dark, but if you take into account the problem with the camera control panel overriding the UVC controls you should be able to get some pertly good images.

The mount that comes fastened on the camera is quite good. Sits well on most any flat panel or notebook computer and can be folded to sit on a desktop or shelf.

I would go with this camera if you want an HP product and don't want to invest the money for the Elite Autofocus model.

Sample images showing how this camera performs under different lighting conditions Large images taken under bright light.     640x480     1280x1024    
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