USB Video Class

With the advent of the USB Video Class standard, many of the newer cameras can run on any computer with a compatible operating system. Windows XP, service pack 2, Mac OS 10.4.9, and, I am told, some versions of Linx, any camera that is USB Video Class certified will work. You may find some limitations, such as Logitech's Right Light2 or auto focusing features may not function, but the cameras should work. See the little Apple icons on my camera review index page for USB Video Class camera models.

For other cameras....

Webcam drivers are very specific to individual camera brands and models. A few manufactures tend to use the same driver for all their cameras, or at least for similar models. Actually each model has different drivers but these manufactures bundle all their cameras into a single instal file so it appears that it is the same driver. In many cases, Windows may actually have built in drivers for many devices which were in production at the time the operating system version was released. There is no such thing as a generic webcam driver which will work for any camera.

Good news though, many of the newer cameras that are listed as UVC (Universal Video Class) compatible will work with any newer operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac 10.4.9, however, some features of the cameras may not be available without the correct manufacture's drivers.

The following links were functional when the link was posted. Let me know if any don't work.
With other cameras, especially generic or old models, it is EXTREMELY important to keep track of the driver disks that come with the camera. It is unlikely you will be able find drivers for other brands or old models after the cameras are discontinued.

If all else fails you might try Driver You have to join up but it is free and they have drivers for just about any kind of hardware.

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