Big Brutus, West Mineral Kansas. The last photo shows the main hoist machinery where you can clearly see how large the machine is. Notice the workman standing next to one of the moters.
DSC_9186.JPG   150.5K DSC_9187.JPG   132.5K DSC_9188.JPG   136.7K DSC_9189.JPG   139.0K DSC_9190.JPG   129.0K DSC_9191.JPG   137.1K DSC_9200.JPG   107.2K DSC_9201.JPG   112.9K DSC_9202.JPG   78.7K DSC_9203.JPG   91.4K DSC_9204.JPG   93.8K DSC_9205.JPG   126.0K DSC_9206.JPG   93.5K DSC_9208.JPG   75.0K

First posted Sep 14 2010
Last update Mar 15, 2015