I wanted to display this phone in a prominent location but didn't want to cut a hole in the wall which would have been difficult to repair if we move or I change my mind. So we had our handyman construct this oak frame which sticks out from the wall giving enough depth for the phone's components.

The red oak box-frame is 2 inches deep and is held in place by 4 angle brackets which are screwed into the wall. If I decide to remove the phone it will only leave 4 screw holes to repair. The plywood inserts are glued and stapled to the back of the frame lip. Each insert has a #10-24, T-Nut stapled to the back which the phone is screwed into using 1-¼" flat head machine screws.

Note to collectors: to remove the mat retainer frame (bezel), grasp mat retainer frame at top, lift upward and out to release frame from panel of set.

Closeup showing construction of frame

Backside of phone

Phone in place without mat (faceplate) or bezel

Mat added

Installation complete