• Manufacturer: Western Electric
  • Model: 2511F
  • Manufacture date: 12-1974
  • Dial type: 35C3A, manufactured 6-1974
  • Bell manufactured: 10-1974
  • Housing manufactured: 1972, originally black, painted yellow when set modyfied
  • Color: Yellow (56)

  • BSP for this phone
This is a very rare 2 line set designed to work with a speakerphone and/or key system.
The set has a lable on the bottom: Turn A-Round 906 W. Erie, (month unreadable) 1975.
The housing has been modified to fit the unusual cord by adding a set of rounded, 123A inserts that are designed to allow larger cables which must be connected inside the phone to pass through housings that were modified or built for modular plugs.

Cover removed

Closeup of line selector switch

Closeup of hold switch

425 Network

Terminal board under dial

Wireing diagram

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First posted Jan 28, 2012
Last update Mar 15, 2015