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Bar-J Wranglers

Some folks call it a western music show; some call it a stand-up comedy show with masterful cowboy music; others call it the best musical experience in the west. Call it what you want to -- the fact remains; The Bar J Wranglers from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, deliver some of the purest harmony, best musicianship and funniest ranch humor ever seen on stage. As soon as the Bar J Wranglers take to the stage, listeners leave behind their busy life and settle into a time long ago -- a time of the singing cowboy.

The Bar J Wranglers have performed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 7 nights per week during the summer months, entertaining 800 nightly, at the acclaimed Bar J Chuckwagon. During their off season, the Wranglers perform all over the world, bringing their style of western music, stellar harmony, outrageous comedy and remarkable musicianship to people of all ages and backgrounds. They have entertained for local, regional and national conventions throughout the west and have been hired for hundreds of city concerts, holiday parties and other smaller venues. They have been featured on TNN with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Randy Travis, as well as live performances on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Network.

If you are a fan of the Old West, great family entertainment, or if you are just appreciative of a job well done, and if you haven't seen the Bar J Wranglers, you won't believe what you've missed -- the best of the Old West.

As a general rule, the formation of any successful musical organization relies on leadership through authenticity. Babe Humphrey, Trailboss of the Bar J Wranglers, is the icon of the cowboy singer. Babe is a master of 4-part harmony exuding a rich baritone and bass voice, playing both lead and rhythm guitar. After over 50 years in the western music business with stints on the Grand Ol' Opry, TNN and hundreds of live performances all over the world, Babe is enjoying a much-deserved retirement.

Babe's oldest son, Scott Humphrey, has been in the group since 1986, adding to the group one of the truest tenor voices ever heard. Scott's smooth voice and equally smooth rhythm guitar add a unique dimension to the group's overall sound.

Babe's youngest son, has been in the group since 1989. Bryan's commanding lead voice has been hailed as the best in the business by many, and his dynamic yodeling is unparalleled. Bryan also plays the "doghouse" bass and has proven himself a prolific western song composer.

Babe's "adopted" son, has also been with the group since 1989. Tim plays the fiddle and joined the group with many impressive credentials, including being 4-time Idaho State Champion Fiddler, 2-time U.S. Open Fiddler and 2-time National Men's Champion Fiddler. Tim rounds out the vocals singing tenor and high baritone.

Donnie joined the group in 1999. His mastery of the flat-top guitar, steel guitar, dobro and banjo has added yet another layer to the Wrangler's extensive musical repertoire.

The newest member of the Bar J Wranglers, Jerry "Bullfrog" Baxter, joined the group in 2001. Jerry has the smooth bass voice that can be heard on the Wranglers recordings.

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