Can't play the music or streamig webcam in Google Chrome?

As of this posting, Chrome doesn't install the required plugin automatically.

If Chrome is giving you a page of goggledygook instead of your music player, here's the solution.

Go to Microsoft's Technet website and install this plugin.
That should solve your problem. Note that this is a Firefox plugin but it also works for Chrome. This fix is what Google recomends.

That should allow you to listen to the music or watch a streaming camera.

If that doesn't work you can also try this.

        <REF HREF="rtsp://" />
  1. Select and copy the part of the 3rd line inside the quotes (Ctrl+C) (do not include the quotes or the / at the end)
  2. Open Windows Media Player, press Ctrl+U, and paste that code into the box (Ctrl+V)
  3. Then press ok

Cowboy Music

First posted Oct 20, 2007
Last update Mar 15, 2015