A little about me
I'm basically a shy person. It is extremely difficult for me to make any kind of first contact. Once becoming a friend, I generally open up and become less shy.
Some of my favorite beard photos

Some of my favorite mustache photos

My relationship
I have been partnered since 1983 and we are very happy together, but our relationship is of love and companionship, not sex. We don't have the same sexual interests so we are both open to look elsewhere for fun if we chose. Safe is always the rule.

I'm a bottom by nature and am usually mostly passive. Like anyone else, I have fantasies, but am well aware that the real thing usually won't be as much fun as when imagining a scene.

My hanky colors
all on the right (see hanky page for definitions)       light blue       gray       dark pink       rust

A few of my "postable" fantasies (to be worked over and used)
Being open and small talk
I am completely open about my sexuality, but don't parade it in front of those I don't know or those I feel might have a problem with it. If you met me on the street, you probably would have no idea I was gay. I use to rate a zero or a one on straight acting.com but their site seems to be in flux right now so I won't link there. I don't do the party or bar scene because I have difficulty making with chit chat conversations, but if you get me started on one of my favorite subjects, computers, rodeo, horses, cowboys or website design, it is almost impossible to shut me up. I don't smoke, drink or take any drugs that my doctor hasn't prescribed.
Some guys I would like to get used by (Any takers?)
Favorite Western Films
What turns me on What turns me off What I like What I dislike What I hate
Other talents
I love teaching people what I know, and have been told I can make things easy to understand. It's one of my favorite things to do. I teach web page construction, electrical maintenance, computers, and just about anything else I can manage. I'm a jack of all trades, master of a few, however some say I know something about just about everything. One of my friends says I have spaghetti brains because I can figure out complex web pages or mechanical things easily.
Some Stats