Early snow storm in Castle Rock. For years, Tom said I would NEVER live in Denver. But now living here for six years and counting, we love this place. We have just as much wildlife through our yard as we had in Clifton, and the scenery is so much better.

DSC_3509.JPG   142.7K DSC_3510.JPG   196.4K DSC_3513.JPG   242.9K DSC_3514.JPG   141.4K DSC_3515.JPG   131.8K DSC_3516.JPG   206.1K DSC_3517.JPG   253.0K DSC_3518.JPG   167.0K DSC_3519.JPG   165.8K DSC_3521.JPG   144.1K DSC_3524.JPG   47.9K DSC_4006.JPG   94.7K DSC_4008.JPG   62.3K

Frank, with his Stedicam Pilot and Cannon FX-205 video camera. Frank uses the Stedicam during Chute Dogging and Goat Dressing for most of the rodeos we attended. Frank actually loves his Stedicam. Expensive... yeah, but it allows him to do a much better job with his videos. Frank is allowed to be in the arena for all our rodeos when competition is going on. They trust him to know what to do. For example, Frank will NOT be in the arena during Bull Riding. Way too dangerous.

DSC_9427.jpg   97.7K

Arizona Gay Rodeo. This is the first rodeo of most Seasons. It is also a good time to get out of the Colorado winter into a warmer place. They now hold their rodeo in a Mexican style arena which is round. This adds some challenges, but the owner of the facility is Hispanic, and will do almost anything for us. A terrific family who cares.

Our wedding rings. We have now been married 1 1/2 years but forgot to include a photo of our rings in last year's Christmas card. We selected a ring of cobalt with a center of wood.

DSC_4014.JPG   56.9K

Our new trailer on our first two local camping excursions. Learning a new trailer or RV is kinda like getting married. You need to learn the RV and what it can do for you, as well as the RV who needs love and attention to keep it beautiful. We have found there is always a coming together, to better understand each other. This may sound insane, but truer words cannot explain what must take place.

DSC_5157.JPG   88.0K DSC_5159.JPG   99.8K DSC_5160.JPG   193.4K DSC_5164.JPG   210.2K

Frank bought a Drone this year and loves flying it. But there have been accidents. The US Military uses Drones world-wide. Most of their Drone Pilots are in Nebraska, yet they still fly and fight and can be very dangerous. But Frank's Drones are only for fun.

Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo. We belong to three Rodeo Associations, Washington, DC, New Mexico, and Colorado. Here are videos from the 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo in Golden, Colorado.

Hot Rodeo in Palm Springs Rodeo is always fun. We do not see it every year, but when we do, WOW!!!!

Some last departing shots of our old trailer a few days before trading it in.

DSC_4045.JPG   159.3K DSC_4046.JPG   182.3K DSC_4053.JPG   110.0K DSC_4054.JPG   121.7K DSC_4055.JPG   99.1K DSC_4057.JPG   119.1K DSC_4062.JPG   127.7K DSC_4064.JPG   107.8K

The new trailer on the dealer's lot as we were deciding which one to purchase.

DSC_4020.JPG   124.8K DSC_4022.JPG   42.7K DSC_4027.JPG   126.8K DSC_4029.JPG   108.0K DSC_4030.JPG   110.7K DSC_4031.JPG   95.5K

We moved the two overstuffed chairs, which can be seen in the photos above, into the living room in the house and had a new counter top desk designed and installed in their place.

DSC_5169.JPG   110.4K DSC_5173.JPG   122.4K DSC_5175.JPG   107.5K DSC_5184.JPG   139.4K DSC_5193.JPG   151.9K

The finished computer desk instillations and more photos showing how we have equipped the new trailer.

DSC_5737.JPG   117.6K DSC_5740.JPG   106.2K DSC_5741.JPG   110.3K DSC_5742.JPG   109.2K DSC_5746.JPG   50.2K DSC_5752.JPG   45.0K DSC_5753.JPG   93.1K DSC_5754.JPG   80.5K DSC_5756.JPG   53.5K DSC_5758.JPG   124.1K DSC_5762.JPG   139.6K DSC_5763.JPG   123.0K

Zia Regional Rodeo, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Frank did his normal by taking photos, while Tom was an Official for the Rodeo, as well as working in the kitchen. We feed anyone who walked up to the window. Are you ready for this? The cost of food was ZERO because it was donated. So Hamburgers/Hotdogs/Nachoes with Cheese were all FREE....to anyone.

Some photos of the new trailer as we traveled on our last trip of the year.

DSC_7087.JPG   100.0K DSC_7092.JPG   89.2K DSC_7093.JPG   87.4K DSC_7101.JPG   120.7K DSC_7102.JPG   96.8K DSC_7103.JPG   60.7K DSC_7107.JPG   48.1K DSC_7113.JPG   78.4K DSC_7114.JPG   63.7K DSC_7116.JPG   72.5K DSC_7117.JPG   84.4K

Steam train on our first extended trip which was about 6 weeks. We were camped beside a beautiful tourist train. We did not take the train ride, but will schedule it next time.

DSC_9532.JPG   181.7K DSC_9551.JPG   102.1K

These photos are from a 3 week trip we took in late Summer. We started by heading to Santa Fe for the rodeo, then took our time heading back home through North West New Mexico and South West Colorado. It is nice just to get away and not have a schedule or worry about where you need to be next.

DSC_9555.JPG   101.3K DSC_9560.JPG   184.5K DSC_9564.JPG   103.3K DSC_9569.JPG   64.0K DSC_9571.JPG   113.4K DSC_9572.JPG   94.6K DSC_9574.JPG   93.9K DSC_9576.JPG   108.4K DSC_9577.JPG   90.9K DSC_9579.JPG   125.1K DSC_9580.JPG   79.9K DSC_9586.JPG   104.2K DSC_9588.JPG   88.1K DSC_9594.JPG   68.6K DSC_9601.JPG   186.6K DSC_9609.JPG   151.5K DSC_9612.JPG   46.5K DSC_9613.JPG   66.0K DSC_9615.JPG   62.8K DSC_9616.JPG   45.4K DSC_9618.JPG   85.3K

World Gay Rodeo Finals, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the second year in a row that we held Finals in this magnificent hotel in Las Vegas. The Rodeo Arena is inside the South Point Casino and Hotel. The horse stalls are kept one floor below the stands and on the same level as the arena. An amazing place. And owned by one man and his wife. She is a big horse person and insisted the casino include a first class horse facility. Most of the major finals rodeo related events are now held at South Point.

Back home, we extend the walkway to our trailer pad. We have steps leading up to where we had the RV pad built, but never extended the concrete sidewalk to the RV pad. Our good friend Ernie and his sons did an excellent job for us by completing the concrete work.

DSC_5773.JPG   153.8K DSC_5776.JPG   100.0K DSC_5777.JPG   96.7K DSC_5778.JPG   91.5K DSC_5780.JPG   90.6K DSC_5782.JPG   90.5K

A few last photos from our late fall trip of the year. We took about 5 1/2 weeks on this RV trip. Had a great time. It almost felt like full-timing. No cares, no issues. You just select the direction you want to travel, and what you choose to see.

DSC_5783.JPG   96.4K DSC_5797.JPG   156.2K DSC_5798.JPG   118.3K DSC_5799.JPG   124.5K DSC_5801.JPG   95.2K

Happy Holidays all, and we hope you have another great year in 2017.