Merry Christmas

Hello again, and Merry Christmas All. We hope you have had a fun year. We have been active and busy, but have not travelled in the Rv as much as we wanted to. mostly because of the problem with our old trailer. It had just worn out. You will find some photos of our new trailer are available on the next page. We are travelling again. Frank is now almost 65 and Tom is 74, but we still enjoy RVing. (If that is a proper word.)

The clincher to having to get a new trailer was when the back wall began separating rom the floor. There was a gap you could see the road through. Most people use their RV for maybe a week once or twice a year. We put more than 4,000 miles on ours each year.

The trips we did go on weren't primarily sight seeing trips so there are not very many photos in this card. Most of the content this year are videos of the rodeos we went to.

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