Merry Christmas All

This year's online card is going to be very brief. We did very few things this year especially the last half.

We hope you and your families have a terrific Holiday Season through Christmas and New Year.

We also hope 2018 will be the best year you have ever had.

Christmas Tree from 2017
Check out a YouTube video of us and our friends decorating this year's Christmas Tree.
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Life this year has thrown Frank some severe health issues which he had to overcome, but he is winning the battle. He is getting healthier every day. I think the fact that we recently ordered a new Ford F-150 King Ranch truck for him, which should be here in late January or early Febuary quickly improved his spirit. Frank has been keeping a battle with cancer blog describing his difficulties.

Tom is now 75 years old and is looking around asking," Dah, what happened? Did I go to sleep at age 36 and I just work up?" Seriously, Tom has safely lost 92 pounds since retiring, and is now exactly at his weight when he entered High School... 138 pounds.

We are finding our weather in Denver to be extremely mild this winter. Many days are in the 60's, with very few nights below freezing... but the sun comes out the next day and we seem to be warm again. It appears two major storms have already occurred this year. There have been storms in this country... one to the extreme north of us, and one to the extreme south and up the eastern coast. We just sit here in the mild 50's and 60's. But rest assured our chance for snow will come soon, and we have been very late is being battered with deep snow.

Our hearts are saddened by the fires in California. We have rodeo buddies in California and they could have been affected. The loss of animal life and horses is deeply troubling. And Sadly California's Governor stated this week... "This is the new Norm!!!"

Have a great year. Crawl however slowly out of your shells. Look around you. Do not allow yourself to be an island. You will be amazed at what you see. Some will see people hurting. Go help them, and if you choose NOT to help them, pass the problem up the line and asked others to help them. This is what I have been preaching in our rodeos. We have had a few suicides... and even one is too many.

We are all a collective... very similar to an ant colony. We have no choice, but to look out for each other.

Merry Christmas,

Tom & Frank

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