In the gay world, the color of a handkerchief can indicate an interest in a particular fetish or activity. Worn in the right rear pocket, it indicates an interest in the passive, often "bottoming" position. Worn in the left pocket, it indicates a predilection for an active, usually "dominant" role. You may find layered hankies of different color combinations, meaning that the person is looking for another person into any or all of the advertised scenes. In some cases the dominant person may actually be passive during a given scene, such as in rimming.

In addition to hankerchiefs, the position of a set of keys worn on the belt may indicate top or bottom, in the same fashion as the hankies. If the keys are worn in the center, this usually indicates the wearer is willing to go either way. If found in conjunction with a neatly folded handkerchief it is almost certin the person is advertising for a scene.

It's also important to understand the effect of lighting on some of these colors. For example in a dark bar with red lighting, the only color that would look correct would be black. Or consider that green or blue will look black in a rest area lit with sodium vapor street lights. It is strongly advised that the reader advance carefully and confirm concepts, attitudes and set limits with another person before engaging in any scene.

It is important to understand that just because someone has a colored hanky in a pocket doesn't neccessary mean they are looking for a scene. This code is most usually found in cruisy areas such as a gay bar or a rest area which is known for cruising. However, a lot of fellows DO intentionally "flag" in mundane locations. If you see keys and a carefully folded hankie, it may be worth a second look!

And remember, AIDS is not yet a curable disease. Play safe or don't play at all. Believe me, you do not want to contract this disease. It is permanent and very expensive.

For good descriptions and resources on some of the scenes, visit Cuffs BDSM website.

Hanky Colors

apricot wants or is overweight
beige rimming (eating ass)
beige, lace likes white tops or bottoms
black heavy sm
black velvet will or wants to be photographed
black, with white checks safe sex
black, with white stripe likes Blacks
blue, air force pilot or wants pilots
blue, light wants or is a cock sucker
blue, light, with black dots likes or wants black suckers
blue, light, with brown dots likes or wants latino suckers
blue, white checks exhibitionist or wants to watch
blue, light, with white dots likes or wants white suckers
blue, light, with white stripes likes or wants sailor suckers
blue, light, with yellow dots likes or wants asian suckers
blue, medium into or is a cop
blue, dark or navy anal fucking
blue, robin's egg 69 (suck each other at same time)
blue, teal cock & ball torture
brown scat (shit)
brown corduroy headmaster or student
brown lace has or wants a cock that is uncut (uncircumcised)
brown satin has or wants a cock that is cut (circumcised)
brown and white stripe likes latinos
calico looking for or is a tourist/visitor to town
charcoal into latex
coral sucking toes
cream cum in condoms or sucks it out
fuchsia spanking
gold 2 looking for 1 (left) or 1 looking for 2 (right)
gold lamà wants bottom muscle (left) or top muscle (right)
grey bondage
grey flannel suits (business type wear)
green, hunter daddy or his boy
green, kelly hustler or looking for same
green, lace mother or daughter
green, light humiliation/verbal abuse
green, lime wants or is a trick
hounds tooth nibbling or biting
holstein (black/white cow) into milking
lavender likes or is a drag queen
leopard tattoos
magenta sucking arm pits
maroon cutting (knives-blades)
mauve navel fetish (belly button)
mustard hung or wants 8" or more
olive drab or camouflage military
orange anything anytime
paisley boxer shorts
peach is a bear or cub
pink, light dildos
pink, dark tit torture
pink with white stripes into American Indians
purple piercing
red fist fucking
red, dark 2-handed fisting
red lace group sex
red with black stripes furry bears
red and white gingham park sex
red with white stripes shaving
rust cowboys of course
silver lamà star fucking
tan cigars
turquoise or catheter into cathertizing
union jack skin heads
white one masturbates both
white lace likes whites
white velvet voyeurism
white with multicolor dots hosting or looking for an orgy
wine rubber and mud
yellow water sports (pissing)
yellow, pale spit or drooling
yellow with white stripe likes Asians

Other Displayed Items

aluminum foil or silver cloth into electrical stimulation
chain collar looking for or is a slave
chamois (service station cloth) motorcycle scene
cocktail napkin bartender scene
dog collar looking for or wants to be treated as a dog
jockstrap wants or wears jock straps
jockstrap, dirty wants or wears dirty jock straps
doily tearoom scenes (public restroom)
enema nozzle gives or wants enemas
fur bestiality
handy wipe motor oil fetish
kewpie doll looking for or is chicken (young)
keys in back needs a place to stay
keys in front you can stay with me
kleenex stinks or into BO
leopard skin tattoos
mosquito netting outdoor sex
paisley wants or likes boxer shorts
rosary beads clergy
saran wrap mummification
skull & crossbones pirate fetish
studded leather titleholder, such as Mr. Leather 2005
teddy bear bearish physic & attitude or wants to cuddle
terry cloth bathhouse
toothbrush my place or your place only
vacuum cleaner bag cock vacuum pumping
ziploc bag wants or has drugs
The codes on this page were collected from several sources including a rather gaudy website which closed down about 1996. Thanks also to Joe and Vlad for helping to fill in and confirm some of the items.