Aandy Adams, the author of this book, wrote from first-hand experience. As a young man he spent 8 years traildriving cattle from Texas to markets in the 1880's and 1890's.

"Our cattle also shall go with us." Exodus_ iv. 26.

First published in 1903

To the cowmen and boys of the Old Western Trail, these pages are gratefully dedicated

Webmasters comments: The meaning of words change over time, especially those which developed as slang terms. Some of the language in this book would, in today's society, be considered derogatory, and one would never find them used in a modern book. Please remember that in the late 1800s these terms were not taken the same way they would be today.
  1. Up The Trail
  2. Receiving
  3. The Start
  4. The Atascosa
  5. A Dry Drive
  6. A Reminiscent Night
  7. The Colorado
  8. On The Brazos And Wichita
  9. Doan's Crossing
  10. No Man's Land
  11. A Boggy Ford
  12. The North Fork
  13. Dodge
  14. Slaughter's Bridge
  15. The Beaver
  16. The Republican
  17. Ogalalla
  18. The North Platte
  19. Forty Islands Ford
  20. A Moonlight Drive
  21. The Yellowstone
  22. Our Last Camp-Fire
  23. Delivery
  24. Back To Texas